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I'm just a guy who loves to do a lot of things to keep myself busy. I mostly spend my time on internet and enjoy the end of the day watching movies in my couch. I love sharing my experieces on my blog and writting stories about everything related to my travel and activities.

I'd describe myself as friendly, outgoing, and always have passion for travel, fashion, photography and modeling. I'm a nice guy, love animals and easy to get along with(sometimes). Why sometimes? It really depends on the situaution and the person whom I am dealing with.

When it comes to my dreams, I'm not scared of taking chances and going after my dreams. Because I know that life is too short and I don't want to waste my time on something that I'm not passionate about.

I feel like I always have plans and purposes in life, even though I have found that plans are useless sometimes but at least it help me to lead the way of what I should do in this life.

What do I do? How I afford to travel so much?

This question I get asked a lot these day, even my friends and family sometimes get it confused.
Well, I just work like you and don't spend my money on anything besides food and alcohol.
I'm not weahty or having someone as a backup to support all my trips but I have the inspiration
to acheive one of my dreams which is traveling around the world.

I have worked in several companies earning quite good money in Thailand but not as good as people in Europe or America. However, I never use this obstacle as an excuse because I always think that there is nothing I can't do if I put my heart to it. My first job before traveling abroad I was just a waiter working in a restaurant, earning lower than the money I got from my mom monthly to spend in school.

This first trip abroad in Laos opened my eyes and gave me motivation in order to make more money for my next trip. I realised that working in a company could make me more money, then I started to send out resume/cv showing my potential and how good I can be part of the company.

I have also done lots of things in the past to get extra money apart from being an officer, supervisor or manager in the multinational companies. I used to dream of myself being a famous actor or celebrity and I tried to pursue this dream by entering the entertainment industry and started working as an extra, supporting actor and model. I felt like I got kicked out by the market because I'm not in their demand. That is why I stopped pursuing this dream and I also found myself in another position instead of being a superstar surrounded by paparazziz and have no privacy.


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Am I a dreamer?

Yes, definitely I am a dreamer and I work towards in order to achieve it even sometimes I failed to do it but at least I spent my time doing what I really passionate about.

What is my highest goal?

Since I hate working in a company to help someone to achieve their dream instead of mine, I rather have a small business for example like a bar (I love being a bartender) or anything that makes me feel happy. I also love to have my own family and a house somewhere in the world but now I haven't found both yet.

What I need to do now is to find the place to settle down my life first because this is what I have been looking for since long time or If I'm lucky enough, I wish find both at the same time hahaha.

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Where is my favorite place in the world?

So far, I haven't been to every country yet. I love many countries in different ways especially Europe. I had my trip to Germany in 2015 and I love the fun of the country,cities and people. However, New Zealand is also one of my favorite countries. I like many countries in many different ways.I can't really say which one is my favorite place so far.

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What are my hobbies and interests?

I love to sing songs , play guitar(not professional though), dance at the club, surfing on internet and watch movies. I also have my interests in fashion, photography and modeling. I used to go for many singing competitions and won some prizes for (country) music hahaha Maybe my voice is not good enough for pop or thai pop music. I am no longer in entertainment industry but I still love being a model even though I find myself not attractive at all.

My love for modelling and fashions portraits on my pictures enables me to see myself and how I look through the lens. What I love about being a model is how different photos shows different personalities.
I'm not the best model and I'm still learning, and I would love to collaborate with professional photographers If there is a chance. I always change my look and style. I'm a unique person and I tend to show that off a bit ^_^

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What has travel taught me?

It is not just to see more things in the world but it really helped me to find myself and know the purpose of living my life as a happy person.

My modeling photoshoots

How do I look as a model?


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