My trip in Las Vegas

Hanging around in Las Vegas

I know you guys have heard of this renowned Sin City. I actually didn't plan to
come here but due to the boring trip in San Francisco and a friend of mine
who wanted me to visit this city also offered me a place to stay while traveling
in Las Vegas. So i decided to fly across the city just to see if the city could
make my trip a better trip.

The city was envisioned long ago as a desert oasis. It is known primarily for
its gambling, entertainment and nightlife where people could indulge in
several fantasies. And because some people consider gambling to be a sin,
That is why no wonder the city earned that title and it made the city
to be very popular especially for numerous forms of adult entertainment.

Las Vegas Strip offers all kind of entertainment and is the most popular area
where most tourists stay. My friend's house is just a few blocks from the strip
(Well, a few blocks in NY and here are so much different) but it close anyway.

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If you wonder where this oasis is located, here is the map.
Just one hour you will be in another state. From California to Nevada.

My flight was quite late because it is the cheapest ticket that I found.
I arrived there so late but the city is not as quiet as I expected. Here is another
city that never sleeps because of all night running casinos and a scintillating
array of fun loaded activities. However,I was really tired and had no time to
explore the night. So i took an Uber to my friend's house directly instead of
exploring the strip. but it is not as easy as I planned because I couldn't find
my friend's house. Houses here look very similar and it confused me for a half
an hour to find the right one.

Due to my friend had to work tomorrow, So she left a key in a room that she
prepared for me and a message of how to get in and out the house.
The next day I woke up and tried walking to the strip but it was really hot
to walk around. I hop in a bus instead and spent like 5 dollars for 24 hours pass. I didn't know that some buses you could buy this a ticket pass cheaper than
at the ticket machine near the strip. but i'm not sure whether it is the same
kind of transportation or not because i feel like it is the same.

In the bus i met one granny who sit next to me. She started to make a
conversation and asked me where in the states im from. So i told her
my country and she started to tell me about her story. She is originally from
Greece but has been living in Las Vegas for almost 30 years, she told me a lot
of things even though it was just a very short time
she also forgot to get off her bus station because of a chit chat with me hahaha.

We are almost in the strip.

Grand Bazaar Shops


The first place where I found after getting off the bus is Grand Bazaar Shops.
There are many stores and place where they sell tickets to events and concerts.
It was a really hot day though but there were still many people walking around
on the footpath all the time like they don't feel the heat at all.

A random part of the strip


In this Eiffel tower if you go on your birthday, you can get up for free
but you must present your real passport at the ticket counter.
There are many beautiful buildings and structures in Las Vegas that recreates
as famous places in the world. Coming here you could say you travel
the world in one day because many of places are built in almost the same size.
but well ,some places you wouldn't like it because it look worse than the real
one. But it fun though to see these recreation in the city.

You will probably surprise by the prices of hotels in Las Vegas when you
look on the internet. they all look so cheap or even cheaper than your meal.
However, this is a bit tricky. you may have to check it carefully with
the condition and other things that you will have to pay. especially through

Usually, when you book a hotel, you just have to pay the exact
amount that are showing on the website. But in Las Vegas, you probably
have to pay for the hotel fee, and etc. So it is not that cheap as you think.
but it doesn't mean this will be so expensive. Because I feel like
the same amount of money you can't stay in a good hotel and bigger in New York.

Bellagio Hotel

You could see the outstanding Eiffel tower in front of Bellagio Hotel and like
i said, There is a musical fountain show every half hour until 11 pm.
but if there is some kind of storm or anything happen with the weather.
They might stop sometimes.

The Venetian Las Vegas

There is a nice hotel called "The venetian" as i used to travel in Venice, I can
see the similarities of the original place in Venice. but there are casinos inside
here. I almost never played a slot machine, i did once in South America but
I couldn't find the way to win it since i don't gamble and no luck in this.


Inside the Venetian hotel


Finally, i met my friend but she had to go for some errands at night.
So i could spend just a few hours with her around the strip.

The strip became crowded in the late afternoon. Many people started to go out
for dinner and drink. I've seen many people who are wearing sexy outfits
men and women for people who want to take photos with them.

At night in the strip area

The music that playing on the street made the city to be very charming.
I was not bored at all while walking around and listening to the music that
play along the footpath. I felt like i love this city more than in San Francisco.


Apart from the restaurants, there is a Hershey's chocolate world that
selling almost everything that made by Hershey's, If you are a big fan of this,
it is the best spot that you shouldn't miss.

You won't get lost in dark because there is neon lights everywhere in the strip.
but you probably get lost in casinos instead because it is so big and very difficult to find the way out. hahaha


Bellagio hotel

The show began TADAAA.....

There were so many people standing and waiting for the show all the night
even though the show haven't started yet but you will always see people
who are reserving their places along the fence or up on nearby bridges.

If you ever been to the U.S. you definitely know that drinking alcohol in
many states are illegal. However, Since this city is named as Sin City ,
you can even drink on the street especially in the strip area.

Below is the information if you don't believe.


Don't forget that taking pictures with those girls, you need to pay some tips.


I was a bit bored hanging around the strip, So i decided to look for some outlet
places on the internet that i could probably find something cheap to buy.
I found a few outlets and the big one i found was in the south. It's called
premium outlet. This place is 10 km. away from the strip and it is hugde.
there are many discounted products and with different kind of brands.

Premium Outlets

I was trying to walk to outlet from the strip but after 15 minutes walk, I realised
that i should take a bus hahaha. I was a bit sad that i didn't know what to buy
when i was there. There were many things and something with 70% discount.
I finally bought nothing for myself but a lot for my friends as souvenirs.


Thunder From Down Under , there was a world tour show in Thailand too.


Don't forget to check all the events when you're planning a trip here. Or if you
found something interesting, you can book it in advance, it will be more
cheaper.I didn't check anything before coming here, that's why i was just
drinking, dinning and eating around the strip.

Me and my friend went out at night, It was a fun night though
because we were doing a bar hopping around Vegas. We started our first place
at Wynn Hotel and drank a few glasses of cocktail. It was expensive though
and you will have to tip them eveytime and everywhere you go.

Well, I feel ridiculous tipping in USA because we only tip in Thailand when we
satisfy with the service or when we feel like we should pay more if the things
we pay for is cheaper than we expect. It is of course very uncomfortable for me
as Thai but I will have to follow their culture like this phrase
"when in rome do as the romans do"

We came to the Lakeside where there is a bar and restaurnt.
There is musical show outside that runs at Las Vegas Wynn after 8pm till
midnight, every 30 minutes. I was surprised with the singing frog for the first
show. It was really nice here and it is a perfect place to come for honeymoon
or a date because you can enjoy drinking and watching the show here.

Since my friend is local, she knows a lot of tricks and how to get around places.
She brought me to casino and pretend like gambling just to get free drink
with the waitress. I didn't know that we could ask for drinks for free in casino until i experienced by myself. However, every time and they serve us the drink,
we will have to pay some tip. I don't really gamble and didn't want to spend lot
of money in the machine, So i put only 10 dollars and yeah i lost it all wheras my
friend won a lot of time. hahaha very jealous.


My friend also told me that around the strip is just only for tourists.
The best place to go is in the downtown. She even said if i fail to visit
Las Vegas downtown, i'm not really in Las Vegas hahaha That's why i went
with her there. The drinks are not as expensive as in SF.

My last day i was planning to go up the Eiffel tower due to it was my birthday
but the weather was totally fucked up. So they closed it that day.

The diffences between here and SF is the homeless. I have not seen a lot of
homeless here. Not sure if they have a lot too or not but in the strip i rarely
see one.

If I haven't been out San Francisco, I wouldn't know this amazing place for my
holidays. It was really a destiny to be here. even though I felt like Las Vegas
changed a bit of my perception. I use to think it would be like a big sin city
as it's renowned but it is just like every big cities where you could enjoy party at
night and hanging out with friends till late. Yeah it is not a place where you
could tell like when you go to Switzerland or New Zealand but it does excite the senses and it is worth seeing once.


Some tips

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.You could get a cheaper flight if you book in advance like a month. If you
have to connect another flight to somewhere in the U.S. keep in mind that you
will experience delayed flights more often than in anywhere else in the world.
Well, maybe the same as in China.

icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Buying weekly bus ticket would save a lot of money. but if are not alone
and feel like it's not really comfortable at night, then use Uber.
BTW buying bus ticket in some buses are cheaper than in the machine.

icon.gif (941 bytes)3. Don't forget to check local schedule for concerts or other kind of events
before coming here. Because you might see nothing if you come here with
no plan like me. So do you homework before making a trip.

icon.gif (941 bytes)4.Public drinking is allowed.





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