My trip in San Francisco

A bit of everything in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of my dream places where I have to visit before I die.
Because every time I watch hollywood movies.The Golden Gate Bridge always
appears in the movies. Sometimes I open a travel magazine, see this beatiful
bridge and think that I want to have a picture with the bridge as a backgroud
hehehe. Well, this is not the only reason. there are more than this place.
Such as the biggest china town in the US and the famous ice cream shop in
Thailand is also founded in this city.

Many people said San Francisco is the most expensive city to live in.
After I've visited this city, I can feel that it's expensive as they said.
Anyway, let's grab your bag and travel with me here.

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In a map, the city is not that big. You can even walk around in a touristic
places. No need to take buses or train if you don't plan to go so far.

San Francisco is a city found in California, Located on the tip of the
San Francisco Peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay on
the West Coast of the United States. The first European settlement was
from Spain. You will get a bit of feeling like you are in some part of Spain.
This city was ranked as the expensive city in the US. It is also the
second-densest city in the US, after New York City. You may think that
the city is flat, but it is not. There are hills and grades.You may need
a lot of energy to walk up and down the hills while exploring the city.

I got a chance to use airport bathroom in Seoul before flying to USA.
It was so good like using bathroom in a luxury hotel.
There are also many lounges and since i'm a JCB customer,
I got a chance to use one of them at Sky Hub Lounge. Here are the pictures

There are plenty of food and drinks to choose at Sky Hub Lounge.
but there were many people in that time. So the seats were not enough
I ate and drank a lot like it was my last day of the trip hehehe.

I got off the plane and took a train (BART) to Powell Station where I will be staying for
a week here.


Powell station is located in the heart of downtown SF. You can get around
the city easily. There are shopping malls, convenience stores and a lot of things
for you to visit here.

Below is a city map

You will see the old tram when getting out the Powell Station. I feel a bit like
in New York. Everyone is always in a rush. There are so many homeless
especially at night. It looks scary though but to me I didn't feel anything when
I was there,as long as you don't try to involve with them.
(actually I did bought someone food too)


I booked the hostel through at San Francisco Internatinoal Hostel.
This is the worst hostel I ever stayed. It's the only cheap hostel in this area.
with no balcony, no window, smelly and shitty. I sometimes wonder why all
those Americans who visited Thailand and stayed in a very cheap hostel with
good service. Still keep complaining about the room in Thailand.
Many Hostels are cheaper better and cleaner than in here.
Anyway, If you come with friend and stay together. I suggest you to pay
a bit more in a hotel instead of this haunted hostel.

I arrived here quite early and they won't let me check-in. So I decided to
walk around the city by using my GPS. I bought the internet roaming package
in Thailand for 15 days. This can be used in USA and Europe with 4 GB just
for 890 THB(25USD). It was fast and easy to use.

I followed the map to Justin Herman Plaza and walked through
Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market.

Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

There is nothing much inside. Just only some stores and a cofee shop.
There is a public toilet here too.

Walking through the door, you wil see Bay Bridge or Oakland bay bridge.
This bridge is connecting SF with Oakland across the San Francisco Bay.
Oakland was ranked as the forth most dangerous city in USA.
So be careful if you plan to visit after the sun goes down. Because you never
know what's gonna happen.

There are so many Seagulls along the bay. They have no fear and are not afraid
of humans. They can attack a human being for no reason.
So don't try to get so close to them.

I been walking around for an hour in the same place. So I decided to
move to somewhere else. There is another interesting place called "PIER 39"
This place is one of the SF touristic places to visit. There are restaurants
and sea lions that lay around,sun bathing, barking and up at each other on
the floating docks. Of course, they smell!



They look so cute!! I'm not sure where will they be at night.


It was so hot during the day. I visited here in May.

The next interesting place is China Town. SF Chinatown is the largest
Chinatown outside of Asia. Some staffs in this area don't even speak English.
I don't know how they live a life without speaking in English. I've heard
some American friends told about people who are in the second or third
generation who live here don't even speak English. Because they have never
been outside, but only stick with their community here. Not sure whether it's
true or not but it could be. Who knows.

It's not so cheap as you expect. But cheaper than any other place in SF.
If you want to buy some souvenirs. You can come here. but if you want
something with brand name. Just walk to downtown. There are plenty to choose.

I finally did check-in, took a shower, left my bag and continued to the famous
brigde. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular place in SF. I tried to go
places as fast as I can, so I could enjoy the rest of my week drinking and
shopping here. I was a bit hurry to go there before the sunset. So I could have
a good photo with the bridge as a background hehehe.

The easiest way to go is Uber, but if you are not hurry. You could just
buy a ticket (there are 3,7, 30 days tickets) at Powell Station.
This ticket can use with some buses and tram. If you are not sure which
bus can you get it. Just show the ticket before you get in a bus. The driver
will tell you whether you can get in or not.
If you don't know which bus line goes to the Brigde. Just look on Google Map.
There is a bus to go there for sure. I did took a tram and bus too.
and they stopped right at the Golden Gate Brigde.

This brigde is not red but it's orange vermilion. It supposed to be
black-and-yellow stripe color scheme. Because it can be seen clearly from
the distance. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Because the architect
Irving Morrow convinced them and said that the orange vermilion looks much
better. It can been seen in any situation and was bright enough to stand out
in the fog.

Now it became one of the top ten famous American landmarks where people
should visit.(including me) hehehe

My photo

I haven't got any favorite photos yet today. So I decided to go
back home first to rest. It took me hours to come back due to the traffic.
The temperature at night was also cold. Without a jacket, I think I would be
freezing. Couldn't undestand how those homeless live at night.


Still busy at night.

Back to hostel finally, there were some people playing card games and actvities.


The next day I stilll head to the area where it close to the brigde.
I went to China Beach and Baker Beach to see where I could get the best
photo with the bridge as a background. Started from China Beach around
late afternoon, then stayed there for awhile. It was so windy.

There were a birthday party of someone on the beach. Really wanted to join
but it was a bit cold for me.




Baker Beacch

Baker Beach is located just a 10 or 15 mins walk to China Beach.
It was cleaner and wider than China Beach.The NIKE jacket that I bought
here couldn't resist the crazy wind.

From this beach you can clearly see the Golden Gate Brigde.
and It looks so beautiful in evening.

There are enough space for you to go jogging or drinking and
enjoying the sunset here. It feels a bit like In Melbourne here. I always heard
people comparing SF and Melbourne all the time. but after visiting here.
I feel like it's more crowdy and lively than in Melbourne.


Finally got the photo that I wanted. The light was shining in my face,
with a golden gate brigde as a background while sun setting. ( the first left pic)

The city at night

The following day I visited Fisherman's Wharf. I didn't use the bus ticket
because I wanted to walk around the city. It took me like 45 minutes from
Powell Station to the place. It was not a bad idea but too hot and steep
to walk up and down the hills.


Up and Down everywhere.



San Francisco Maritime, free entrance for military and families.
I didn't get inside because it doesn't look worth to pay for.
So I already took the picture from outside.


Another place where I heard everyone said, it's the most amazing bla bla bla.
This place is called Lombard Street where is famous for a steep,
eight hairpin turns. I thought it was a long street but just only one block.


And another interesting place(for me) is the ice cream shop. This ice cream shop
is widely famous in Asia. It's called Swensen's. It was originated in SF.
but doesn't seem to be famous in the states. However, the branches in Asia made
it widely popular and famous. If you ever visited here, don't think of any
fancy ice cream shop of Swensen's. Here looks like a cowboy bar that located
at a corner.

And some pictures of San Francisco

and this is a bit of my trip in SF. This city looks lively and crowdy.
You can walk around easily to most of tourist attrations. You may love it if
you like the city. Because It has everything you want. Food and places to spend
time on your day off. I was born in a big city and I'm not a big fan of big city.
I still love to live in a place between city and rural. but this place may
anwer your heart instead of mine. There is a good transportation and convenience.
Bars and Clubs are everywhere. They usually close at 2a.m but if you want
something after 2a.m. there is a few secret places.

If you are a tourist like me, don't forget to bring ID card. (passport is not neccessary) Americans here are friendly and lovely. I met someone at the hosel
who were so nice. again I met this person at night selling drugs. hahaha.
Well, they maybe friendly by nature or with purpose.

Anyway, be careful anywhere you go. If you have more activities to do like
visiting Alcatraz Island or having dinner at the highest tower. It would be
interesting. share me a picture if you go.

The next place where I am heading to is Las Vegas. I didn't want to tell you
how why i ended up there.
just keep following me and I will take you around the strip.
See ya soon.


Some tips.

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.You could just walk around instead of buying a daily,weekly ticket.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.If somebody invite you to try on something strange. Don't even try.
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.Booking a ticket to SF is a big costly, You have to book it in advance to get a
cheap ticket.





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