The Paradise Of New Zealand (South Island)

Queenstown , Arrowtown, Lake Pukaki ,Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, Glenorchy

I am not surprised that why people considered New Zealand to be one of the
most beautiful countries in the world. Because of its beautiful nature such as
mountains ,spectacular lakes, adventure spots and great atmosphere that have
to be seen to believed. It is also the most popular dream destination
where people must come before they die. I would say here is the place
where you can take beautiful pictures in everywhere you go.

It is a paradise where you could touch. Like a place that come out of
your dream and imagination. I once dreamt about the secret beautiful lost land
where there are sheeps, lakes, beautiful mountains and a small house where
I stuck there with no one but only this spectacular nature. And the miracle just
happened to me,when I didn't even plan to go there that fast due to
the expensive ticket,time,budget and etc.
Something mysterious really wanted me to be there.

As you know flying from Thailand to New Zealand can cost more than flying
across of the world like USA. But I wouldn't be regret going to this paradise.
even though this place was listed in my travel plan in the next ten years.

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The place where i will spend most of my time is in Queenstown. As you can see
in the map. The touristy small city that surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers
and forests.

New Zealand has two main beautiful islands. With my limited time just
only 10 days. The decision is quite hard to make. However, due to I know
someone in the South. And the south island has often been characterized
as paradise on earth.That is why I decided to be in the South instead.

Lot of people also searching for some information about traveling here
and been asked many times of where to go when they don't have a lot of time.
As per my research, I think the north island is more with city life and
the south is more nature. Well, both places are beautiful in their own way.

Earthquakes occur frequently in New Zealand, It can be minor, moderate and
strong. but minor ones occur on a daily basis , you can hardly feel.

Because the country is situated in the collision zone and tectonic plate
boundaries that lines the Pacific Ocean.

We have always heard about the earthquakes here but last one that causing
a lot of damage was in Christchurch in 2011. There were some buildings
collapsed and killed a hundred of people. However, this kind of situation
won't happen like everyday. So don't be panic! at least just try to learn
some tricks of how to protect yourself from an earthquake.


Anyway, let's get started!!

Bad thing started before flying to the Paradise. The plane that was coming
to Bangkok had some problem in Sydney. So they had to delay my flight
and I was not ok with this. I did saw it pop up in the app to accept
the flight changing but i did not click on it.

I was very angry but pretended like nothing happen. And when I went to
check-in, Then it was like what I guess. I arrived at the counter.
They were offering me to stay in the hotel with a voucher to eat and etc .
but I complained a lot and asked to get the earliest flight.
Luckily, there was enough seat for another airline.
So I accepted it . but I was not happy with this after since I realised
that I could not get the points from Qantas even though they put me
in another Airline.

I tried to complained a bit, sent email and claimed for points but it
took me lot of time and they still didn't give me the points.
It is a bit pity that i will get a little more points to fly somewhere
but what can I do for now is to give up and not flying with Qantas anymore.

My old flight was actually to transit in Sydney but due to the flight
changing, I had to take different airlines which I had to run from
International Terminal to the Domestic one. I was almost missing
the flight but lucky enough to catch it on time.
Air New Zealand was the one that I took from Auckland to Queenstown.
This airline has a very satisfied service for me.
Everyone smiled, not a fake one and It was really pleasant.

It was really exhausted after a long flight. I finally arrived in Queenstown
with an unsleeping face. However, the beautiful landscape
of the paradise really awoke me. I felt excited all the time while
walking inside the airport. The spectacular mountain which is called
"The Remarkables" really kept my eyes open.


The Airport is surrounded by mountains. It was a bit cold and fresh.
For those who are here on an expensive holiday without worrying
about money. You could take a helicopter to Milford Sound or
spend a luxury trip in an expensive hotel like Hilton here.
For me, I don't think I could afford that hahaha.
Lucky enough I know someone here, So I wouldn't need to spend a lot
for my stay while relaxing on a vacation in this paradise.

Perfect Lighting! Good for selfie lover hahaha

I could see the famous Remarkables mountain range along the way to
downtown. It is really beautiful. On the way to town, I could see people
who asking for lift to get in downtown.
I think it is a good idea to save money. However, it should
only be in the day time. Otherwise, you never know what's gonna happen.


I arrived quite late and didn't want to waste my day. So I stopped at somewhere
before getting into downtown first, then to Coronet Peak where people go
skiing. Unfortunately, It was very cold and windy. So there were no one
when I visited there.

Coronet Peak is a world-class ski and snowboard area, featuring
state-of-the-art facilities. If you don't know where to go skiing in Queenstown.
You could come here.

Below picture : On the way back to downtown

Nightlife in Queenstown. There are bars and clubs where you could go dancing
and making friends.

Pak'nSave, New Zealand's cheapest supermarket.

I went to Arrowtown on my second day. This small town is just 18km away
from Queestown. The city is known for the great gold rush along
the Arrow River. It is an historic gold mining town where it now
became a tourist town for the walking and cycle trails

There are a few coffee shops and the store where they sell gems and something
they digged from the river. This small town is cute and must visit if you
have a lot of time.



Many souvenirs to choose, but it quite expensive here.
I was checking all prices of the souvenirs and I realised that I rather pay
for something else like food hahaha

Little hill in town


I found one place on trip advisor where people like to go.
Didn't know that here is one of the places where some people consider to
be a place to visit around Queenstown. This area is called "Millbrook"


It looks nice here.

Some places look like in Europe.

One of the famous burger shops here is called "Fergburger"
The reason why it became famous because it was posted in Forbes Magazine.
Since that time, they were many people coming to buy burgers here.
If you want to eat. You may have to wait in line for a half an hour
and wait for almost an hour in order to get your burger.
and If you ever plan to sit in the restaurant.
Forget about that, there is no even space for you to lie down.

I did buy one burger here but maybe my tongue can't really tell
the differences. That's why i felt just like other burgers.
The popular one would be the one with blue cheese.
This one smells very good once it's in your mouth.

The next popular ice cream place is Patagonia.

My third day, I went to Mount Cook/Aoraki. The most famous mountain
in the South Island. It is also the highest one in New Zealand.
I woke up in the early morning because it takes like half day to
drive, also I didn't want to be back home late at night.

I took a lot of unnecessary photos and had to delete many because
my memory was full. Took me awhile to delete unwanted pictures.

Beautiful morning light

Lake Pukaki is another long large jewel in the Mackenzie Basin.
It is surrounded by New Zealand's tallest mountain range,
with the awe-inspiring Mount Cook at the lake's northern end.
It is one of the New Zealand's most beautiful lakes. where people
come to take photos or even to enjoy working with thiis spectacular view

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon Shop


Around the lake (Lake Pukaki )

Had to stop for photos because of this beautiful mountain.


Mount John University Observatory

Astro Cafe, There is a coffee shop that open from 8.30 - 17.00

Another beautiful lake that is not far from this place is Lake Tekapo.
Tekapo's blazing turquoise color comes from glacial sediment that was
left behind when the lake's basin was originally formed.

The color of the lake brings a lot of tourist in every season.
This place used to be a one of the location where the famous movie
"The Lord of the Rings" was filmed. And with the wide and supremely
clear skies, You could see a huge expanse of stars at night.

I could get lots of photos I wanted from here :)


Beautiful Scene around Lake Tekapo


Took so many hours to arrive the destination.
And here is the highest mountain in New Zealand where half a million vistors
come every year. This stunning Mountain is often covered by clouds and only
partially visible.

Mount Cook/Aoraki

It was very windy and cold while I was walking the path to see the mountain.
It's an easy trail, but could be difficult for older people.
Without the wind and rain it would take me for 45 minutes to walk
but I could not make that fast because of the rain and It was very slippery.
So It took me for an hour to reach Hooker Lake.

I didn't want to fall down in the middle of nowwhere, I rather just
walk slowly and have no problem.

I felt a bit unlucky because I could not see a clear blue sky and the top
of the mountain. like I said , It was all covered by clouds.
However, It was a nice experiece , even though I was complaining all
the way to the Hooker Lake hahaha

Very cold!!!

This trip took all my engery today. I was exhausted and very hungry.
There is one restaurant where there is the best lamb close to my place.
This place is renowned for baked lamb, the smell of the lamb was sprayed
in the air around the area and It make your mouth water.

This place is always busy with lots of orders. They could not even
make it on time and if you come here without ordering. You may have
to wait like an hour before it will be ready.
The price is around 45-50 NZD, I could not exactly remember it but
it's worth it to try and spend this money when you are back from a hard day.

I guess some of you have seen this place somewhere on the internet.
This haunted house is called "Fear Factory" , there will be people
dressing up like many ghosts and will be inside to make your heart beating.

One of the famous bar with cowboy theme in Queenstown. This place is popular
among the people who live here. There are also many tourists who want
to enjoy the night in Queenstown.

The following day I was searching for a place where I could see the image
that it stuck in my head all the time. The place where there is river,
mountains and sheeps, And all these things are in Glenorchy.
This place has a lot of things to offer you. There is even a place where
you could ride hourses or go for a kayak tour.

Glenorchy situated in the the head of Lake Wakatipu or North of Queenstown.


Checking the village in Glenorchy.

There are so many sheep farms.

The map was a bit confusing but I finally arrived the farm that allow people
to visit. This place has sheep shearing everyday at 2pm. I arrived too late
so i didn't have a chance to see it. However, I was very happy because
I finally found a place where I wanted to see.

It was not really like what I dreamed of but I am happy anyway.

These animals are very greedy.


I haven't had a chance to see what they have in Queenstown yet.
So I spent the rest of my few days that I have, just to walk around
in town, eat and enjoy the short time here.

Below picture : trying to walk up to the Skyline just to see the whole view
of Queenstown but I gave up and walked back to the town.

You could visit the Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown.

There is a Perky's Floating Bar And Coffee Shop in the lake.
You could enjoy driking coffees or alcohol in here.


One of the most famous cookie shop in Queenstown that you shouldn't miss
is "Cookie Time. This place has the best cookie I have ever tried
in life. There will be a lot of people everday. As far as I know, there
is a happy hour where they sell cookie cheaper than the normal price.
This Cookie Time has a lot of branches. If you miss to try here
You could go to Christchurch. The Cookie time company even make
it as a package selling in many super markets too.

If you can't think of what to buy for friends. This maybe one of your choices.

Walking around Queenstown Garden and lake.

There are many foreigners who live and work here.

This spectacular view will be forever in my memory.

The city is full of tourists. Some people said that It will be more crowded
in summer.

I really enjoyed taking lots of photos here. hahaha

And this is all about my paradise trip. I still couldn't believe that
I had a chance to be here. If you don't have a lot of time to travel
in New Zealand, just try to pick up the place where you really wanna go.
For me, I wanted to spend more time in here but due to my work.
I have no choices, so I had to fly back home with a crying face.
However, I really enjoyed New Zealand so far and I love to be staying
here longer.

Anyway, If you go to any interesting place and want to share your story.
Just leave me in the comment. I would also love to see you guys trip.


Some tips.

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.Flying to New Zealand from Thailand is more expensive than flying to
the US. Unless you buy it from the lowcost airline. but anyway,
it's always expensive to fly here.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2. If you come as a group, It is better to rent a car and many tourists do.
So you don't need to buy an expensive package to visit somewhere.
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.There is not many crime in New Zealand, but that doesn't mean it's safe.
I have already heard a lot of Thais who got robbed whether in a car
or in town. So be careful all the time.
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.Buying alcohol you need a passport. Otherwise they don't sell for you.
or if you come with friend and if your friend looks young. they still
don't sell for you.





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