Tequendama Falls & The Haunted Hotel:


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The Haunted Hotel at Tequendama Falls (Salto del Tequendama) opened in 1928 was the luxurious hotel that located just opposite to the waterfall and on the edge of the cliff. It has a very beautiful scenery that provided for its guests but It was closed in the early 90's because the river was contaminated and tourists gradually lost their interest to the area and was left abandoned ever since. This place is also the spot to commit suicide, made others believe that the hotel is haunted.

You will see the horrible fog enveloping the entire mountain, And it looks totally like a "Silent Hill' town in the movie.



Another side of the Hotel
You can see the waterfall just beside the hotel

On the way to this place, I found the reason why the surrounding area of the waterfall was heavily polluted. I guess it is because the factory discharges its waste into a drain which ends up in the river. This might be the reason why people lost their interest to the area.

From the pictures below , you can see the hotel which now looks cleaner than before.

The street looks totally like in "Silent Hill" lol

Because this hotel has been closed since long time, so you are not able to enter to have a look inside, except if you wanna climb up and go by ur own.

Even though it does not really surprising me. but i think it's a good place to come to vist. So I'd give like 6.5 points for this haunted hotel

Check it out this Video !



How to get there?

icon.gif (941 bytes)  1. Take a bus at Terminal del Sur in Bogota.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  2. Look for this bus company "Tequendama"

icon.gif (941 bytes)  3. Tell the bus driver to drop you at Salto del Tequendama (it takes around 1 hour to be there)

icon.gif (941 bytes)  4. Bueses will pass to the same way every 30 minutes. You catch the bus and get back to Bogota.




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