Venice City
Europe's most romantic city that you must visit

Trip in Venice as a backpacker

It's like a dream to come to Venice because It's the place where everyone
wants to come and It's the place where I want to visit the most In Europe.

As It's very well-known for sweethearts,lovers, artists, gondole and It's been
called "city of romance", Venice has become one of the famous filming
locations but what makes it more interesting is the city that is surrounded
on all sides by water.


Places that I have been

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The beautiful capital city "Moscow"


I used to have a dream drinking a glass of wine, looking at gondole and
having a romantic dinner with the one I love, but that was not the thing
that inspired me to go there since I have no one hahaha
The thing that inspired me the most is the movie "The tourist" which
performed by the famous actress Angelina Jolie.

Something funny and crazy about this is that ,I have watched this movie more
than 10 times before coming here hahaha It's not because of the story
but it's because of the scenery that looks really amazing.


Back to the past many years,I did not know about this place.
But I've seen a lot of people going to Macau to The Venetian,
the chinese version of Venice. It looks really beautiful even though
It's not the real place. That moment I thought that why don't people save a bit
more money to visit the real one in Italy. So I started to watch more
documentaries and told myself that I must be there one day.

Venice is the capital of the Veneto region. It is located in the north-east
of Italy on numerous small islands in the Venetian Lagoon.

The easy way to get around venice is by boat and for everyday travel you will
normally use the vaporetto water buses.

Venice is made up of 118 Islands, tied together by bridges. It's 2 miles away
from the mainland.

Venice was the center for knowledge ,learning , great maritime power and
the biggest commercial center in the past. But it was no more maritime power
at the end of the Italian wars.

It's believed that Romeo and Juliet were born in Veneto region and the fact is
that this is based on the life of two real lovers not Shakespare's loveLife.

Ok it's time to talk about my experience now after explaining a lot of things.

Venice Map


I started my trip from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Venice by Etihad Airlines.
It was going to be my least favorite due to one flight attendant but then
another one came and lift my feeling up. It was all about a glass of wine that
I asked but she didn't give it to me lol( I was not drunk though becaus I haven't
started drink anything)

Another annoying thing about the immigration once I arrived is that, I always
get to answer thousand of questions every fucking damn time when getting
into one country(except Spain because I confidently speak spanish with them
lol) Do I look like a terrorist? Noooo....

There will be an airport transfer in front of the Airport. I arrived at Venice
Marco Polo International Airport. It cost around 6 Euros for this bus to get to
Piazzale Roma in Venice.

On the way to Venice City

They will drop you somewhere here


Venice is not that small or big. If you stay somewhere really far from the center.
It is not an obstacle for you to walk but if you stay on the island very far from
the center. You may have to pay for the public boat.

I lived in giudecca Island and the only one way to get there is by boat.
The nightmare happened to me during this trip. I dropped my camera and got
nothing to take pictures unless the fucking old cellphone. So pictures that are
showing here are not really good as the ones I took in other previous trips.
The most important thing to do is to by a day trip or 2-3 days trip ticket when
you arrive here. Because If you forget to do it, you will have to pay 7 Euros
each time to get around.

the place to buy ticket


after you have your ticket, then wait for your boat somewhere near the brigde


On the way to my hostel



Finally, i'm here


Once arrived the hotel, I took a fast shower and went out immediately.

I stayed In Generator hostel, didn't want to be here at first but It was cheaper
than place in the downtown.

nice view from my room

I made a trip to San Marco Island and passed by the beautiful place
"San Giorgio Maggiore" this 16th century Benedictine church was built between
1566 and 1610. I was not really Interested in this, so I decided not to visit here.
Just only taking pictures from outside while floating.

S.zaccaria - piazza S.marco

You should come here at St Mark's Basilica

got one nice photo from the people there

The gondole famous sign.

Gondola sailor is restriced to local citizens only. This job has been here for a
hundred years. It's very enjoying If you get a chance to be In gondala. The
gondola sailor will be singing for you while floating around.

Forget about buying a gondola boat! The traditional gondola is very expensive
and some of the old ones are really unable to estimate the price.

Do they work?

somewhere near Saint Mark's Basilica


nice shot with gondola boats!

Let me talk the crisis here.

Venice is now facing the biggest challenge. Because of a combination of rising
sea levels and subsidence. That's the reason why the city itself, becoming more
frequently flooded.

I have heard that the government is trying to solve this problem by making a
wall or a big gate to prevent the drowning situation.

If you want don't want to see when It disappears, You must come and visit this
place before It's too late.


Look at the houses here!

Wanna take a ride? lol


I've been walked a lot and found this bridge. "Per Rialto"
There are a lot of restaurants,pubs and bars but I finally ended up at the cheap
pizza restaurant hahaha.

Rialto bridge

This Rialto bridge is one of Venice's most famous bridges. It used to be a
wooden bridge in the past.


I found one group of Italian people and had a conversation with them.
They were doing bar-hopping and they invited me to go with.
I was interested to do this and hanged out with them this night.

Here is the first place I visited "Bacarando in Corte dell'Orso" Prosecco is the
most popular sparkling wine in Italy and It is cheaper comparing to the same
prosecco here in Thailand.

selling cakes and alcohol at the same time

After hanging with them, Now I moved to another bar "TerraLupo" I met another
group of people and hanged out for the rest of the night.
(this is the good thing about traveling, because you make friends all the time)

The drinks here are not too expensive, many of them are students who study
near by here.

We went to many places here


I was a bit drunk and tried to get back home by a public boat.
It was like 2-3 AM. at the pier and I found 2 guys were trying to go to
the same Island.

After the conversation, They invited me to get more drink. So I decided to
go with them due to my hostel is very near to their place and I felt a bit ok
after waiting for a boat for an hour .

Finally, I got a chance to see sunrise lol It was a fun night though.


new friends

I woke up in the afternoon and tried to go to the places where I've been
yesterday to check where I was. Also I tried to explore more places around
this city.

Somewhere near San Giacomo di Rialto


Wanna own one of these


Walking around the city,

Don't worry about security here, Venice is one of the safest cities in Italy!

another church "Basilica dei Frari"

Somewhere In Venice



Another picture of me


Such a wonderful place


Ferrovia pier , If you wanna get a train to somewhere. You can get it from here.

The green dome that you see from the distance is "San Simeone Piccolo"


I went to spend my party time again In Venice for another night but It was not
fun as last night due to It was on Sunday. Nobody likes to do party on Sunday
am i right? lol

Anyway, It was a really fun trip though coming back to Europe. If you have
never been here, Come and Enjoy party here if you like !!!!





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What you should know about Venice

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.Venice is one of the safest cities in Italy.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Don't worry about coming back home after 12am. Boats operate 24 hours.
but you may have to wait like an hour after mid night.
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.You better stay in downtown to get around to places easily.
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.Don't buy a single trip ticket, It will cost you more than buying 3,5,7 day


No video for this time due to an accident  




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