Trip to Istanbul
:The land of two continents:


Let's continue with another trip to Istanbul. I arrived at Ataturk Airport and went directly to grab Metro to Aksary, then took a tram to my guesthouse. Anyway, let me tell you first why I chose to come here.


Istanbul Map



Interesting places

Santorini, the paradise..

What do they have in HK?

Why should we come to Moscow


I started knowing this country by a friend who introduced me a few songs from Tarkan. I'm sure some of you know who is he.I really enjoyed his music "kiss,kiss" ,"shikidim" and i guess that some songs have been widely covered by many artists worldwide. Some songs are also good to dance like "Daha erken - gokhan ozen"

I also used to have a few friends from Turkey when i was in the school and a lot of documentaries about Ottoman empire which are very interesting to see both side of Europe and Asia in the same city.These are some funny reasons why i come to Turkey.

The cost of living in Istanbul are still fairly cheap by European standards. So it's affordable for me. The Turkish Lira is the currency used in Turkey. The best way to exchange your money is by using your bank card at the Ataturk Airport. There are many ATM's at the arrival hall. At the airport, you can go to the foreign exchange office, and change your USD, Euro into TL.



I started my trip from MRT then to Aksaray to take a tram. On the way i met one chinese girl who is also a tourist. So we went together to the Blue Mosque and to drop my bag somewhere near the area.

This budget guesthouse offers spectacular views of blue mosque and the ocean. There is an amazing rooftop restaurant and I believe you won't find the same kind of this for the same price as in here. Anyway, i will take about in later.

From the Airport


Then we go the ticket machine.


Waiting for MRT then Tram


Pic 4 : Inside tram, careful your wallets.

My route is from the Airport to Aksaray then to Sultanahmet


Finally, I arrived at Blue Mosque. This place is surrounded by a beautiful garden and also close to restaurants.

From the pictures above, first pic is blue mosque and the second pink and red is Saint Sophia.

I was so exhausted after wandering around this area. So i headed to the guesthouse to drop my bag before going to explore the seashore near by this. Istanbul is surounded by beaches.There are a lot of street cats and they all are very friendly.

Now back to the guesthouse. It's time for me to take a nap before going to party. This place is very amazing. It's called "Nobel Hostel" and i paid just only 17 USD. Believe me you won't find other cheap places with this scenery. The same kind of place with good view will cost you more than a hundred dollar.

Another ocean view from the rooftop

This hostel they let the cat in freely(maybe not lol) If you are a cat lover, Come to istanbul and you won't be disappointed!

Turkey is officially a secular state. Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents.The European portion of Turkey is known as Thrace, while the Asian is called Anatolia or Asia Minor.

Another picture at night on the rooftop

My first night i stayed in the European side and got scammed here. Let me I feel tell you a bit of this.

This tourist scam is very common in istanbul. I met one guy on the way to drink and he offered to bring me to taksim. So i didn't believe him at first but he finally persuaded me to go. He brought me to one place(in the same side) to the indoor bar that surrounded by prositutes. He brought 2 prostitutes to my table and He kept saying that we should buy two bottle of wines to give to women. I denied and i told them that i will only order a glass of beer. I felt a bit werid just sitting here talking to these strange people. So i told him that i will ask for bill and go to taksim now cause he brought me to wrong place. The surpise when the bill came to 1,200 USD. I told him that i wasn't order this. He did not me. So he asked me to open my wallet but luckily i did not bring a lot of money. I gave him around 100 USD but the security guards won't let me go. So i pretended to cry and told them that i must leave tomorrow and i was still a student and bla bla bla (which actually not) so i told them i need some money for the airport tomorrow and my cards don't work because it's not a credit card(bla bla bla). finally they gave me back 20 USD and let me go. I ran out the club very fast and promised myself no more scammer !!!

Actually I received a warning by a friend who used to have similar kind of experience but i couldn't remember when i was in that siuation. (-_-lll)

Anyway, the next day I moved myself to Taksim area. I took a tram and came up this way in the middle of taksim square(below pic). From taksim square you can go down istiklal street, which is the best shopping place in istanbul. In here you will find the Nostalgic Istiklal Caddesi Tram(red tram)


This traditional red tram was taken out of service in 1961 and it was restored again in 1990. It’s now became a tourist attraction which offer you very nice view along istiklal street.

This tram is very small and cannot hold many passengers


They are a lot of various kebabs which some are quite big for me. Just only one it kept me full for the whole day. The average price i found is around 3-7 TL


From my guesthouse

Taksim Area


Or if you wanna try turkish icecream and see the show, you may pay a big higher than normal icecream

a friend who i met in guesthouse took me this one


Here is the video clip

Or if you have plenty of time and want to spend some of your money for the view. You can throw it away to this galata tower


There are a lot of bars and night clubs near by this area. I spent around 6 days in Istanbul so i went out almost every night. I did not really go to museum so don’t expect to see that pic here.


Another nice view in istanbul

When you order Turkish tea, it will come in little tulip-shaped glasses as below picture.

found some movie fliming on the way /Another handsome lesbian in Istanbul


Thai restaurant


You can also enjoy walking on the bridge. Here you can find a lot of fishermen who are fishing from the bridge


After finish your bridge walk, you can go to visit yeni cami mosque for free

balik-ekmek boat (pic no.4)

or if you are bored, you can walk a bit to the world famous Grand Bazaar. This place has been built over many hundreds of years by Ottoman Sultans. There were also many movies that filmed in here.

There are more beautiful places than what I show you here , i’m sure you can explore more things and I believe one day I would come back here because I haven’t been to some interesting places in Turkey yet.


Anyway, see ya again for my next trip to Spain.




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Some tips

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.Be careful everywhere you go, this place isn't the safest place in the world
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.More than half of the population are male (as i've seen) So be careful if you are single woman who like to wear too sexy
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.Not everybody speaks English but I haven't had any obstacle dealing with people here
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.Fish Sandwich in Istanbul is something you can't miss. You can find it along the seashore


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