My memory in Barcelona

Relaxing Sunbathing Partying in Spain

Barcelona is a very attractive city , a lot of Tourists and interesting places
to see. From a little roman town to a modern international tourist city.

A perfect beautiful combination of old and modern architecture makes
Barcelona a distinctive character.
You can find a lot of Gaudi and his contemporary works in this city.
This time I came with Ukrainian airlines. I personally like the service even though the aircraft looks a bit old.

Many people especially in Thailand thought coming to Spain
you must not forget to see bullfighting. The traditional show that
has been practicing since long time.
Unfortunately, It was terminated in BCN since a few years ago due to it
was too cruel and outdated sport.
I think the same that killing animals is not good, They should just make
a show without killing it. This would attract more people to my opinion.
Anyway, There are still a lot of places to see here.

Let's start the trip with me now...


Interesting places

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You can get to Barcelona city centre by any means of transport.
For me, I took an airport express bus A1 to get in the city centre.
Not sure about the price but I think I paid around 5-6 Euros.
The Aerobus stops at various locations in Barcelona centre.

You may have to check it carefully where you would like to get off.

Here are some pictures I took on the way to the city



I got off at universitat station and tried to find the way to the hostel.
This trip was a relaxing trip because I spent most of my time for weeks on the beach.




Finally, I found my hostel. The view on the rooftop here is not that good
but the weather was really nice in that time.


After taking a break for an hour, I started to walk around the city.
I wanted to see many places as much as I can first then I can spend the rest of
my days chilling out here In BCN.

Montjuïc is the first destination where I visited. It seemed very close by looking
at the map but It's not close as the map tells you.


It looks pretty close from the map


I didn't go there directly but went to find a shop to buy a simcard for internet
access in order to use GPS.
I know myself that without GPS , I would walk to somewhere else and get lost.
that's why I hate to walk back with a very long distance.


Plaza Espanya


Somewhere near Plaza Espanya


An old bull fighting arena converted in a mall. It looks pretty nice and modern.
Plaza Espanya is like a main transport hubs where you can get buses to places
you like. Just like the Victory Monument in Bangkok.


You can see Montjuïc from the distance.


The castel was first built in 1640 during the "War of the Reapers"
It became a military prision from 1893, The castle was used as
a military prison until 1960 when it was given back to the city
and used as an army base. The castle is now used for cultural activities
and open to the general public.

If you are interested to visit ,you can come here from 09:00 to 19:00
(Don't forget to book in advance because it will be crowded and you will have
to queue up very long time )

I did not go to see the Magic fountain at night because I was busy partying.


From this point, you can easily see Barcelona landscape



After jumping around the city, I could not really understand what they were
speaking and I thought they were speaking in French but then after awhile,
I realized that a majority of the conversations were in Catalan.

I laughed at myself because thought all the white tourists are from France.
This language sounds like French to me but in fact it does not derive from Spanish, or even from French. Catalan evolved directly from common Latin.
However, you can communicate with everyone in Spanish since
it's an official language here.



Vehicles in BCN.


Barceloneta Beach is the most famous beach in BCN.It's always crowded with
tourists and can get really busy in the summer.

A lot of people sunbathe on the beach in the day time and do party at night.
It's a must see place for all tourists when visiting Barcelona.


La Barceloneta

A sunny day.


You can either choose to sunbathe or do some beach activities.

Having lunch in the restaurant near the beach.

You can see W hotel from the distance. Popularly known as (Sail Hotel)
due to its shap.A lot of celebrities and famous people who have visited this hotel.


Enough with the beach things. Let's take a look what do they have around here.



Another famous area in BCN is La Rambla.
La Rambla street is the most famous walking street in Barcelona.
It goes from Plaza Catalunya to Christopher Columbus monument
at the end of the street. On this street you will find a lot of street performers
including human statues.

La Rambla

This place is used as a meeting point for many people.


And the most important thing you can't miss...

It is believed that if you drink water from this fountain
( Called the "Front de canaletes") you will one day return to the city.

So I drank a lot and keep it in the bottle for the other day because
I wanna come back here hahaha.



The most famous church you cant' miss is La Sagrada Familia which are still constructing.

If you want to come here when it's finished,
You can come here in another life hahaha.
This place has been built for a hundred years. And it never seems to be
finished soon. If you love Antoni gaudi's work.
This place is one of his masterpieces where you must see.

La Sagrada Familia

Catedral de Barcelona


Surprisingly, Nothing bad happened to me this time during my trip In BCN hahaha.
BCN is the most famous city for pickpockets apart from Paris.

Maybe I took care myself a lot more than before. Even I did not experience it myself here. but I've seen it at the subway.

A chinese girl were trying to get the change from the machine and there was one couple who came and took her money from the there and ran away.

I feel like It's funny how Westerners who came to Asia and got ripped off by locals. Then they made it publicly to medias and it became a famous news in a day. Whereas this kind of thing it often seen in many major cities in Europe.

Please keep in your mind that Europe is not always safe.


At night


There are various places to enjoy at night in Barcelona.
Maybe I was also in the public holiday.
That's why the public transport seemed to operate almost 24 hours.

Don't miss this place if you like party



It was a fun night though and I wish to come back here again If there is a chance.(I already drank that water)
This trip I spent most of my time relaxing myself.
If you wish to see more, I think there are more to see especially
If you are interested in cultural things.


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Some tips

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.Please put your bag in front of you ,especially when using the subway becasue pickpockets are everywhere.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Try to stay in the centre of downtown. Easy to get around
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.If you are a budget traveler, You can buy food from supermarket
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.Catalan is widely use in BCN.
You can watch more of my video via youtube  
Barcelona trip on X-wander





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