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One day Trip in Bratislava

During my trip in Vienna, There was a day that I really didn't know
what to do. I met those ladies from Taiwan again in the lobby.
So I invited the same ladies If they want to join me for this trip.
The ladies were so excited. They again treated as one of their childs hahaha.
So they sponsored me all the cost from Vienna to Bratislava.
I was surprisd and I had to accept it because I didn't want to make
them feel bad.

There is noting about this trip to Bratislava. If you don't want to read
you can skip hahaha. I did a few homeworks before going to Bratislava.
The city doesn't have a lot of things to do. That's why I didnt plan to stay
overnight in this city. But the problem I faced here is that
the internet data that I bought from Thailand doesn't work in Bratislava.
Now let's see how I gonna manage it.

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Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. It is located just 70 kms away
from Vienna. This is a landlock country. Don't mix up with Slovenia.
even both country are slavs people but Slovenia and Slovakia have been
seperated for centuries. they don't speak the same language.

Slovakia used Czech used to be the same country during cold war.
It was called Czechoslovakia. However, It split into two independent states.
And after the war, It seemed that all the money went to Prague as a center of
many things. If you visit Slovakia, you will feel the vibes of the old Soviet City.
and many things that reminds you the old time of Soviet.

I took a bus from Wien Hauptbahnhof in Vienna.
I was lost for a half an hour but finally figured it out where to take a bus.
You can find buses to Bratislava outside. The bus is red and you can pay
in the bus which is not expensive.


If you ever heard of this, you will know that Slovakia is one of the most racist
countries on earth according to many polls.Locals don't really accept
different races whether black, asian,Muslim or Jewish. Maybe the country was
not heavily influenced by a lot of outsiders. If they are more tourists or
multinaitonal companie. I think the people who be more open-minded
or accept the different races of people. Anyway, It is just my own opinion.
Don't take it too serious!

I also had the conversation with one of the Slovakian dude one the bus
when I came back to Vienna. He told me the same as I said above.

I arrived here in the afternoon, I planned to stay just for 2 hours
but due to the ladies that love taking photos. It took me for 5 hours here.
There are many construction projects that are building in Bratislava.
I think now the city is preparing to accept more tourists in the future and
make the city to be a shopping center in Europe. I would love to come back
here again too when everything is done.

Once I arrived at the bus station, I was quickly trying to find places
on google map because I did not plan before where I wanted to go.
Unfortunately, My GPS didn't work here. So I had to go to a coffee shop.
Captured of the places and routes. then followed the offline map to places.


The city is not that touristy. What I noticed in local people here is that
I've seen more white people with blond hair and blue eyes than in
the West Europe. I think in the West Europe, People are more mixed than here.

Interested to go to a bar? hehehe



There were tourists and locals in the city center.

Primatial's Palace

This place is a Baroque-classicist palace located in the heart of Bratislava.
It is where wNapoleon signed a peace treaty 'The Peace of Pressburg' in 1805.
More information please google it! They said It is a must see place.

Palffy Palace

One of the historical places in Bratislava. It is where The Bratislava City
Gallery is housed. I didn't get inside because I was too lazy.

Did you see that UFO bridge? yeah It is the UFO bridge hahaha.
Well the real name of It is MOST SNP. It spired by one of the bridges
In Riga City, Latvia.

Bratislava Castle

One of the most difficult things is to walk up to hill to the castle.
The old ladies were so strong. They had more energy than me hahaha.
This Castle is the most popular spot here. This place you can see
the landscape of the entire city. It was really relaxed here
and not touristy.

Well, there is a scam story here that happend to one of the ladies.
One of the Taiwanese lady was putting her bag at the back.
And a group of three girls came and took her wallet.
Luckily, she had double wallet inside the bag. She realised after a few second
that someone took her wallet. So she ran to them and shout out so lound.
then they gave it back and ran away. Like I always said all the time.
Europe is never safe. Scammers or pickpockets are everywhere.

UFO Bridge or Most SNP


If you ask me what can you do here apart from visiting the castle?
Well, I think there are something more to do. Some people said
many events take place here all the time. Many you have to check
the schedule of events. So you could enjoy more when coming here.

One of the interesting spots here is sculpture of a guy
It is called "Cumil - Man at Work"


I spent almost 5 hours at this place and It was a really tired day.
The ladies responsible all my costs and I didn't have any better word
to say but thank you to them. In the following day I was trying to look
for them and ask for their contact but they already left the hostel.
Anyway, I hope our path cross again and I want to give them something
back too.

On the way back we went to the bus station to buy tickets
but at the ticket vendor she was rude to us. So we decided to go to
the bus directly and asked if they have any availabe seats or not.
since we can buy ticket on the bus. They asked us to wait for people
who have tickets to go first. We were so lucky that they still
have available seats. So we got in and headed back to Vienna.

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What you should know about Bratislava

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.This city is a good city to make a one day trip.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Many stores accept cards.





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