Short trip in Moscow:

Moscow, the city of beautiful architecture

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Since there are a lot of Russian tourists in Thailand, so this made me really
interested going to visit the country once in a life time. Actually, i’ve been
saying this all the time because i want to visit all the interesting places that
i have heard from people.

I'm happy that finally i have my time to blog about my experience after a year.

Moscow has many interesting places worth to see and yeah they have very
amazing architecture which will make you feel like a heaven city on earth.
hahaha I'm not exaggerating but i really like the architecture of the city.
You may have seen a lot of Moscow city on movies for example Mission Impossible, Darkest hour and etc. and yeah they mostly showed only
one part which is Red Square.

This Red Square is popular among tourists becauses there is St. Basil's Cathedra. This wondereful place is very good for instagram photo because
i can get more likes and followers from posting this one hahaha.
Anyway, that's not really my purpose coming to Moscow. For Thais we don't need visa to visit Russia and another reason is that it's quite cheap to book via Aeroflot airline. I got quite cheap price for the ticket even though i did not book in low-season.



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Usually I am not really into sightseeings or making a very detailed plan
for traveling. I enjoy to stay in a place where i feel good and mostly I spend
most of my time for nightlife. I’m not an alcoholic person but sometimes
when I go abroad alone, I need to enjoy it with alcohol hahaha ,There is one regulation for tourists, As a Thai person who is staying in the same city for longer than 3 days(maybe 7 days now) need to register to the Russian government website. As per Russian law states that in every place you stay longer than 3-7 days must do it. For more information you may look it up on the embassy website. Don’t forget to do it because they may fine you once you leave the country.

The most difficult obstacle on the adventure is the language. Everywhere you go it’s only written in Russian and of course you don’t understand it. I lost in the metro for almost 2 hours because i brought only English version for metro and it was really useless because it’s all written in Russian. If you are planning to be here, the first thing i would suggest is to bring Both English and Russian Metro map in order to avoid the same problem.


It’s not surprising at all to see these metro lines. Moscow is a big city and there are a lot of population here. If it was in Tokyo, i’m sure you will be like OMG.

There are two easy way for backpacker like me, first is to take a bus which I think it takes longer and the second way is to take an Aeroexpress which it goes directly from the airport to the city. You may have to continue with the metro again in order to reach your hotel/hostel. For me, I took an Aeroexpress which is the fastest way because i didn't want to waste my time for hours on the bus. Even though price for this may cost me a lot but I prefer to be at the hostel as fast as i can just to keep my lady’s bag(i call it lady’s bag because i always have a huge one hahaha)

I arrived at Sheremetyevo Airport (i have no idea how to say it) and this was my first problem when somebody asked me which airport i arrived. The second challenging thing is that most of people don’t speak English. So whatever skills you have in order to communicate you must bring them all hahaha

Once I got off the immigration, there were a few people who asked me to go with them by taxi but i denied due to the price was so high like 2000 rubles. They were persuading me but i ran away hahaha So i followed the sign of the Aeroexpress, it was easy to find even though i didn’t know where it was. because i also followed people to the place where i can buy ticket. As you see in the picture, you will find machine for the Aeroexpress ticket. I’m not sure about the departure time but i think it leaves every half an hour. the picture below on the left side is the train where i took to the city. The price for the train if i am not wrog i think it's around 400-500 rubles.




The train arrived at the mainstation and below picture is how it looks like.


This train was so clean and safe. I continued my way to metro and this is where i got lost for almost 2 hours because the name of stations. Luckily i found one Russian guy who did not know English at all. He was really friendly and kind to bring me to my hostel. I couldn't even make a conversation with him because he replied to me all in Russian. But yeah this was really impressive to me for my first day here. I don't know where else in the world where you meet a stranger and they bring you to the place you live which is very far from the place where that person lives.


I did not know how to thank this person but the only way I could do in that time was to say thank you to him. My hostel was really difficult to find because it is hidden somewhere in the building. There is no sign just a bell in front of the door. Once got in my bed, i immediately put everything and stepped out of the hostel because i didn’t want to waste my time anymore.

I was a bit lucky because it was in the time when they have late sunset. So it started getting dark at 10.30 and I spent my whole evening wandering all places near Red Square.

The first place where i’ve visited is“Cathedral of Christ the Saviour” I stayed somewhere near to Red Square, so it was easy just to wander all places within 2-3 hours. Actually i did not know where to go first and did not know the name of places(found it later on Google) lol

I walked around and found this amazing landscape on the bridge. I can really say that if you are a real traveler and miss this place. It is very embarrassing because these architectures are like the one they built on the heaven(i have never been to heaven anyway lol). Wandering around this touristic places, i don’t think you need to pay for buses or train. If you like walking, i’m sure you can make it the whole city by foot(I’m joking)

Ok enough talking, let’s see pictures below

These are just a few places i show you. There are more beautiful places to see here. I was a bit sad because i didn’t go to Saint Petersburg. Some friends told me that it is much more beautiful than in Moscow. But it’s ok, just only Moscow is enough to enjoy.

Finally i found the place where a lot of Hollywood movies flimed it. Take a look how beautiful is it !

Behind me is what they called St. Basil's Cathedra . the real place is not that big as shown in movies. I don’t know why it looks so much bigger when watching from movies. If you come here and wish take sefie. I advise you to come at night where you can see more curves and colours of it.

I took this one while wandering around the place. There were a group of people dancing. I really wanted to join with them but i was too shy(hahaha sometimes) so i decided just to look at them from the distance.

Selfie before going out for party


I went out party last night but wasn’t really that good. A lot of places were playing techno and i didn’t like it much hahaha So personally i think Moscow is not a party place for me. Oh one more thing is that the cost of living here is quite expensive. If you want to pee while wandering somewhere, public toilet will cost you like 60-80 rubles.For this new day i did not have any interesting places to show you. Because i was trying to follow the map. So i just went by foot to the Zoo( did not enter),Smolenskaya-Sennaya square, Khram Prepodobnogo Simeona Stolpnika,New Arbat Street,Seven sisters building ,kudrinskaya pl,moscow state university and more.

I fucking damn forgot to charge my battery. So i missed a chance to take more photos of places and subway stations where i have visited.



I saw some teenagers swimming in this canal somewhere near Red Square. I was not sure whether they allow to do it or not but i guess maybe not.

There was one story while i was walking on the street alone. I saw one guy who dropped his wallet on the floor and i tried to bring it back to him. Then i did not know whether he was intended to do it or not but he tried to check his wallet and was like “Did you steal my money?” i was like no. He said he has more and he asked me to show passport and said himself that he is a police.
I was like WTF. Luckily, there was one guy who walked behind me he saw what i did and helped me talking with that guy. Then the guy who i brought back his wallet walked away so fast after that guy helped me out. I was not sure whether he is a scammer or not but yeah i guess he is. I was like no more helping other people next time hahaha


If you have no idea what to buy for your friends. Buy this Russian nesting doll or they called it “matryoshka doll”

I feel like in the day time is not as beautiful as in the night time. I went to a few shopping malls here but did not buy anything. If you want to save your cost for party or whatever in your mind. Just do it as all backpackers do is to buy them at supermarket.


Overall, i feel like Russian people are friendly(just only my opinion) even though i met one bad boy who slapped my head while he was riding a bicycle. But i know bad people are everywhere and yeah my wallet was still with me.


Can you read what it's written in the Sign?

Ok , Last pictures before heading to Turkey.



Let ma take a Selfie

I took a lot of photos but i have no idea which one to put it here. If you want to visit here and have more time. I suggest you to be out of the city( really have no idea what to see) but yeah just go and tell me what you see hahaha. Because i spent too much time on party so i did not have a chance to see the rest of beautiful places.

Anyway, i always feel like the best way to travel is to travel without having a plan. So enjoy reading my blog and follow me to Istanbul after this



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Some tips

icon.gif (941 bytes)1. Don't forget to register on the Embassy website if staying in the same city for more than 3-7 days.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2. I always get confused between soda water and a bottle of water. So check it carefully.
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.Bring two version maps of Metro English and Russian.
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.The cheapest way to spend money is to go to a supermarket.


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