Amsterdam, Another fun city in Europe.

Explore Another Sin City in Europe.

Some people may call this city in many different ways. As you know Thailand
has another Sin City which is called "Pattaya" where you can find a lot of
prostitutes working in every corner. The difference is that it is well organized
and being prostitute does not against the law here.

Many illegal things in Thailand are legal here. Sounds funny right?
That's why this trip, I want to share my experience of something that I find
it funny or weird here.

Thai People have always heard of its renowned in windmill and tulips.
Everytime you see Thai People traveling here, They first list will be visiting
the all these places. For me I find it quite boring because I love to
travel and meet local people. Also party is the main reason why I came here.

I planned to stay here 5 days and the rest of my trip will be in France.
Because from what I know, I think there are plenty of things to do more
in France. Visiting Amsterdam is just to see what other people said about
this sin city. And I want to see it in my eyes if this city is fun and crazy or not.

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Let's begin with a brief information of this city. Amsterdam is the capital of
Netherlands. It is the city of canals with more than one million inhabitants
in its urban area. Amsterdam is about 2 meters below sea level and it is
getting worse every year due to global warming. However, I really admire that
they have good leaders who never give up on preventing the country not
to be drowned.

This country is small. Making it very easy to travel anywhere in the country.
Especially the capital city that you can get around by bicycle.
The city has so many stories to talk about. You can google it!!

I flew from Chiang Mai to The Netherlands and had a transit in Bangkok
and Helsinki. It was my first time taking Domestic Airline with Bangkok Airway.
This is not a low cost airline anyway but it is quite ok in term of service.
Buying any class of ticket from this airline you can sit in any louge
in Thailand for free and there are so many things to eat.
The airline did not sponsor me anyway hahaha just sharing the experience.


Due to the promotion, I bought a ticket with Finnair. and had a transit
in Helsinki. My transit time was short. I think 50 mins is not that enough.
Especially for those who came from the Non-EU country.
Because I had to wait in line and pass through immigration which took me
a lot of time.

However, I was lucky that i mananged to run to my gate which quite far
after passing through the immigration. So next time if I have to travel
like this, i will keep in mind that no buying short time transit!!

I was on time!!!

I bought a train ticket to the city center where my hostel is located.
My hostel is called " White Tulip Hostel" It is very close to red light district
and many interesing places. I checked reviews first before staying here.
but I still found it not as good as reviews. I have always said that staying in
Hostel in Europe Or USA. You never gonna find it as good as in Thailand.
Where you pay cheaper and cleaner.

I was put in the top of bunk bed where is close to ceiling.
It was a disaster for me even if I am not tall. Because everytime I wake up
I had to be careful to avoid my head to hit the ceiling.
A guy on the other bunk bed hit that every morning.
Even if the top bunk bed is bad but all other things in the hostel is ok.
It is clean enough and that is matter.


I arrived here in the late afternoon. The air was so fresh during May and
It was not that cold. The cheap travel internet data that I bought from Thailand
helped me to find my location. The time at 5pm. was a bit crowded with
many people walking on the street.

Many Bicycles.

The Dam Square is a popular spot where people come to meet up or
hanging out. Since the city received a large number of tourists,
I couldn't really see local people unless the police. From what I've heard
from friends. They told me that local people they don't live in the city center.
Also since Dutch people always stick together.
You wouldn't really have a chance to get to know them because they wouldn't
like to make friend with you.


SEXSHOP, I am not sure if Dutch people really buy these or not.
Because I only saw tourists in the many shops.
Maybe Dutch people come out at night to buy it. Who knows? hahaha

I did not miss a chance to explore red light district because It is
a popular spot here. Many of the girls behind glass doors or curtains
are very beautiful. You can find all races If you are interested
to use the service. However, the prices are quite expensive.

As I randomly checked. White girls can cost you 50 euros per 15 minutes
but can be negotiated. If you want a bit cheaper, you can find from
Latin girls, Asians or Ladyboys. It really depends on the location
and prices can never be guessed.

If you think It is expensive to pay for that, Just jerk off at home.
It is the cheapest way you can enjoy it hahaha.
One more thing, Do not take a picture in this area. Because It is prohibited.
You maybe arrested by the police.

I did enjoy walking around the area and had a lot of alcohol at one bar.
I planed to go out and walk around the city in the next day. The weather was
so good and I woke up so late. I did not buy any tram ticket in advance
because from what I read on the internet. They said that you can walk around
the city and i did that.

I walked pass a few important places but unluckily, It was so crowded
for example like Anne Frank House. You may have to buy a ticket in advance
in order to visit this place. Otherwise, you wouldn't have a chance to get it.

Bicycles are all over the city. Many people here use it as a main transportation.
If you want to have another riding experience. You can rent a bicycle to
explore the city here. It looks fun.


I walked to Rijksmuseum just to take a photo with I Amsterdam Sign.
But there were so many people. So I skipped. At this place there is
an interesting place like a musuem where you can go and see a lot of things.
I did not buy any ticket because I wanted to save my money for party only hahaha.

Ok, A few selfies then.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House...... Look at the line. I rather say No.

This Flower Market that I visited is really interesting. There are many souvenirs
selling here. And if you want to plant tulips. There a lot of seeds sold here.
I can't imagine planting Tulips in a tropical country like Thailand.
Thailand is hotter than hell. So I decided just to look around only.

Flower Market / Bloemenmarkt

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Another thing that I forget to bring is spoon and folk.
I always like to go and buy food in supermarkets. And everytime I always forget
that I need spoon to eat them. So, next time I will keep in mind that
never forget spoon!!

Below pictures.

Red Light Distict in the day time. You can still find prostitutes 24hrs.



If you are bored with the party area. You can go shopping here.
This street offers you a lot of different brandname products.


China town

Since I don't do drug or even weed. But the city is renowned for this.
I did not miss a chance to visit a coffee shop.
One funny thing i found here , Many bars they do not allow you
to smoke cigarrett. hahaha only weed is allowed.

There are so manny types of weeds and I know nothing about it.
If you are a big fan of this. There is everything that you need to know about
weed here in Amsterdam. Weed is legal in many countries nowaday.
and I don't see that harmful to many people. Back in my country.
If you bring this in the country. You will surely have a chance to live
in Thailand forever. I mean in jail hahaha.
I think the reason why it is still illegal in Thailand. It is because
many people are still uneducated about weed things.
Also the nature of Thai people are not like here where everyone here respect
rules and know they duty and responsibility.

Many coffee shops are popular among tourists. I did not see local people at all.

I followed the review on the internet and went to this coffee shop
This Green house Coffee Shop is one of the popular shops here.

There was a story about me here at this coffee shop.
I was smoking weed while sitting at the coffee shop and talking with
my friend through FB messenger. Then I started to feel a bit high
and decided to walk back home alone. Unfortunately, I fell off the street.
Because I was really high and was not able to walk back home.
Luckily, I met one guy from Romania who works in one hotel here.
He just got off work and found me on the street. He was so kind and
helped me out by giving me water and candy. Everyone on the street
was looking at me. In that moment I really had no feeling of shame hahaha.

He kept asking me all the time If am i ok or not and took his time for
almost an hour just to help me. I really never gonna forget this help.

He told me that he see people like this all the time and he helped me because
he believed that one day if he becomes like me. Hopefully,
someone will help him too. hahaha What a kind heart! May god bless him too!

Below Picture

When I was not high.

Map of The City

Behind the train station by the river is another place where I like to come.
I have seen a lot of people running here too.

Within 2 days I could really visit places I wanted to go in Amsterdam.
So the rest of my time here I only spent for party.
I also a few friends from the hostel and we went hanging out at this area.
We did bar hopping and It was so fun.
The funny thing here I found is that, I rarely see Dutch People hanging out
here. Or a few ducth people I found are not really easy to approach.
As I mentioned in the begining of the story. So all friends I met here
are from all over the world except local people. hahaha.

My second time trying weed was different. I did not feel high as much as
the first time. And It has been like this for the rest of my trip.

I forgot to tell you. there is another market near Waterlooplein Market
where they sell used products. You can come and take a look here.

During my time in Amsterdam, I also had a chance to visit one city outside
Amsterdam. This city is called "Zaandijk" It is not far from Amsterdam at all.
I paid around 6.4 Euros for the train ticket to go there. It was nice and relax.


Amsterdam Centraal station

Waiting for a train to bring me there.

I managed to go there by following people who walked ahead me.



I was not expect about this place. But when I came here I really liked it.
Because It is a village where you can see windmills and sheeps.
Just like when I was in New Zealand but witout the windmills.
Asian tourists can be found in every corner.

At this place you can enjoy walking or buying a ticket to float around the river.

I spent around 2 hours there and came back to my place.
I really missed to go to the heineken experience trip but I hope next time
If i have a chance to come back. I will surely buy a ticket.


Another thing I noticed when I see buildings here. All windows are
bigger than front doors. Because back in the days taxes were charged based on
the size of the building's facade. So wider facadde, the more tax you pay.


I did enjoy the city even though getting to know local people might
be a fail mission. But If I have to come back here next time,
I will definitely come with some friends.
Because I felt like traveling alone in Amsterdam is kind of boring.
But it will be fun if you come with friends. Because you can enjoy
hanging around and get drunk together.

There are also many awkward things that I have never seen it in my country
for exmaple Weed Candy, Weed Bread and etc. It was an eye-opening
experience for me at this place. And If you never see it,
You should really visit here.

In my next trip I will be traveling from Amsterdam to France.
And this will be a trip where I stuck in Paris for a week because
of the protest hahaha. Anyway, I may be slow to write all articles in English
because I am always busy and lazy. Anyway see you next trip!!


What you should know about Amsterdam

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.Do not get so high on the street, You may get arrested by the police.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Red Light District is strictly prohibited to take photos.
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.Many bars don't allow to smoke ciggarett but weed.
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.If you love visiting museums. You should book ticket in advance.





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