> Santorini, Heaven Island


Santorini trip,
The paradise Island

The best Mediterranean island for solo traveler

I believe that many people want to visit this wonderful place
once in a life time. Because of its white and blue domed houses and its world renown sunsets.
You will feel all the time like you are in a heaven on earth.

The reason why it's one of the places where you should visit before
they disappear because the island itself is located near convergent boundary
and there are some signs that the volcano could wake up in the near future.


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Santorini is the southernmost island of Cyclades and it's a group of volcanic
islands in the Aegean sea.
The catastrophic volcanic explosion created this island and made
a half-moon shape which is distinctive and beautiful.
เA lot of houses and hotels are located on cliffs and you can find a lot of
nightclubs and parties especially in Thira area.

Anyway, I don't want to waste my time describing about this beautiful place.
I think you have already seen it by pictures...


This trip I came with Aegean Airlines, the national airline which I didn't
like it at all. The service was so so plus a bit delay.

I had to make a connecting flight in Athens before flying to Santorini
because the need to have a smaller plane(which i often delayed by 30 mins +)
I had plenty of time to visit Athens but I didn't want to go because
of my luggages and It was hard to carry it around.

Santorini Map


I arrived in Santorini around 7-8 p.m.
Luckily, I had a free pick up service to my hotel
(my hotel cost less than 31 euros/night) What a cheap hotel!

I chose to stay in Fira or you can call Thera or Thira
(whatever you feel comfortable to call) because it's the main city of Santorini
and you can find everything here such as restaurants,pubs,hotels and museums.
A lot of cruise ships pass by this place almost everyday.

Before coming to this place, I always thought It's a honeymoon place
but It's not like I thought. It's a party place for even a single guy like me.
You won't be lonely traveling alone to this Island since they are a lot of single
people coming here to enjoy parties and the beautiful sunsets in
this wonderful Island.


This beautiful hotel is one of the good budget hotel where they have free pickup service and swimming pool. They are actually a lot of cheap hotels where they offer you a lot of things.


The blue domed churches in Fira are not the best. If you want to take good
photos with these. You must go to Oia. It's in the northen of Santorini.
You can get there by public transportation, taxi or a car.


After arriving here, I didn't feel like staying in the hotel at night.
So I went out to enjoy the party immediately.

Mamounia Club is a good club where it will be crowded after mid-night.
But I prefer to be in pub near in a small street in downtown where
they have a lot of discounts and crowded with people in the early night.

There are a few bars where it's located facing the ocean.
I didn't go there but I suggest you to go.

Small street

Some Restaurants and Pubs that are facing the ocean

If you look carefully, you will see the pub at the left top of the picture.

Another bar

Somewhere in the small street

Finally, I decided to be here due to a lot of people and it looked more crowdy.


The reason Fira was more popular for parties because other places in the Island will be quiet after sunset.


Waking up in the morning

Good View in front of the hotel


It's a great time to wander this city in the day time. The best place to take a sunset photo is in Oia (northen santorini)




There are a few transportation to go to Oia. Public Bus will stop quite often,
It costs just 2 euros/person. Of if you prefer taxi, it would cost you a bit more
like 20 euros(a bit more lol) For the bus schedule,
you can check it at the station.


Getting into town


Like a heaven?


I was in the bad season, so i couldn't guess when will it be rainy or sunny.

The Old Fishing Boat ...


This view is so great!! Wanna get a glass of beer here.




Selfie time

Catholic Cathedral Church of Saint John The Baptist

Cable car

There are a lot of tourists here


I really love the design of each hotel in Santorini!


(Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral)


People of Santorini built their villages along the cliffs to avoid pirate attacks
which were quite common at the time. It was really a clever idea to
do because those pirates will find it very difficult to steal things from villagers.

souvenir shop


A glass of cocktail with a great view?



If you wish to come here to see this wonderful Island. No need to think about coming with someone. You can enjoy yourself traveling and having fun on this Island.
For the expenses, It will be a bit costly but definitely less expensive than other
european countries.

I feel like I want to come back here again , not very soon but one day. I just want to have another feeling on the cruise ship and traveling around Islands in Mediterranean (hahahaha that would cost me the whole life to save money)

Anyway, If you have more time and money, Don't forget to go to Athens to see the ancient city before coming here.


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A few tips

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.You will often see delay flights when going to the island.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.A quiet place for honeymoon, i think it would be "Oia"
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.There is one big supermarket near the downtown, You can buy cheap stuffs there
Check out my Santorini trip on X-wander (Youtube)  





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