Germany Trip
The most fun place in Europe

Delicious sausages , Cheap alcohol, A lot of places to visit (Munich,Nuremberg,Berlin)

This was really an unexpected trip and I couldn't believe it was going to be
so fun In Germany.
Telling you seriously that I really had no idea how Germany looks like and
I was not interested coming here at all. What I did know before coming
here were just negative aspects that I have heard from people
(mostly germany neigbouring countries)

Germany has never been on my list until I met a few german friends when
I was In South America and I saw how crazy, nice and generous they were.
So this might be some factors why I decided to go to Germany.
However, I think the other factors for example like sausages and
Beers were the main reason because these can be seen in everywhere.


Places to visit

The most romantic place "Venice"

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Why should we come to Moscow

I started to know more and more friends from Germany. I would consider
this trip to be a friend-visiting trip due to I met my old friends in every city
I visited. I also got free tour guide (friends in Nuremberg) who Introduced me
things and told me the story of the city.
( I didn't even listen because I'm not that crazy history person hahaha)


It was really a great trip ever and I would love to visit Germany again very
soon(for sure)

Germany offers lively entertainment all year round day and night.
Also the country has numerous restaurants,museums,water parks and
many things that you can't imagine.

I feel like it is a bit hardcore than In Thailand due to they always have
concerts and events plus you can enjoying drinking alcohol almost
maximum 23 hours In many cities.

Beer, wine, and liquor are cheaper than water In Germany. I bought a bottle
of sparking wine with less than 2 euros In a supermarket.
In Thailand a shit bottle of wine would cost you more than 20 euros.

Anyway, let me tell you about my trip experiences in this country.

my souvenirs that I bought from TH and MY to give to german friends. 

I came to Germany by a train from Venice to Germany.
My first impression wasnot fun due to some refugees who jumped In a train
at Austrian border were hidding themselves under my chair.

Once they got In the train, They tried to get In a room where a few people
were sitting In each cabin. They scared me at first because It was not
comfortable to be sleeping while they were hiding under my chair. but then it
was a bit ok since they did not do anything to me.

Anyway, the trip went well until I reached Munich.

I promised myself that I must eat sausages and drink one bottle of beer first
before doing anything. So once I stepped out the train,
I went directly to buy them at the train station and enjoying eating them
for awhile hahaha


After finished eating, I went with my friend to stay at her house.
My friend's house is a bit far from downtown and due to my friend is vegetarian.
I found It very difficult to enjoy my trip here because I eat meat and want to
enjoy the party while traveling. So I decided to stay with my friend for 2 nights
and book a hostel in downtown for the rest of the week.

Map of Munich Subway. OMG!!

Myself after a long trip from Venice to Munich


It was raining a bit this morning

The next day I went to downtown with a friend who I stayed with to make
a small tour. The most important thing for me is the internet
because I needed to communicate with friends all the time and use GPS
in case If I'm lost.

The first and second shop I visited were really expensive.
For 500 MB is around 50 Euros. So I went again alone to find it and found
this shop eventually. This shop offered 5 GB for almost the same price.
So I bought this one and used it for a month In Germany.

by the way this shop is called " Mobilcom Debitel"

T mobile(very expensive)/ The right pic is the shop I bought a sim card


Such a cloudy day at Marienplatz


I visited Marienplatz first. It's very easy to come here by a train.
If you stay longer than 5 days, I would suggest you to buy a weekly train ticket
because one way trip will be expensive.

There was a bit of rain all day.

This place is close to Munich Frauenkirche. If you want to do a shopping at local
market or have a glass of beer at the beer garden. You can come to visit
Biergarten Viktualienmarkt. This market offers you fresh local products but the
price is a bit expensive.

Beer Garden sounds like a heaven to me
(I don't normally drink beer by the way but when I was there I drank a lot

Had a glass of beer first before heading to local market.

yeah with sausages ...

Now at the local market, I had another glass of beer with sausages again.

Finally, the beer garden or what I call "Garden of Heaven" lol

The weather was a bit cold but I felt really fresh while walking on the street.


After wandering around, My friends invited me to go and have another glass of
wine at her friend's house. So I went there with them too.


The light blue machine in the picture is the ticket machine that you can
purchase ticket on the bus in case If you are in a hurry and forgot to buy it.

This kind of thing will never work in Thailand lol

The most delicious thing is the one in the bowl.


In the evening, my friends wanted to go to eat at Vietnamese restaurant.
I was not really hungry and didn't want to try asian food since I'm In Germany.
but I had to follow them.

When I arrived, I didn't want to buy crazy expensive vietnamese food In Europe.
So I decided just to have just one chicken soup. In my mind in Asia was like,
a soup must contain chicken meat and lots of vegetable but this
how it looks like once I ordered it.

Chicken soup.(This is not after I finished it. I just tried a only a little)

FUCKKK!! 5 Euros for this ??? tasted like water!! I rather eat sausages and
have one drink for this price than eating this In Germany.

2 nights After I left my friend's house, I got a bit more freedom because I moved
myself to be in downtown.

Today , I planned to visit my old friend who were with me In Colombia.

I went to take some pictures again at Marienplatz in a sunny day.


Another friend of mine lives in Freising and It is far from the downtown.
That is why I took a train for an hour to meet him there.


Not In a rush hour but a lot of people here.


My friend came to pick me up at the train station.
Actually I owe him money for about 5-7 Euros when I've been pickpocketed on
the way to Ecuador.
So I was supposed to pay him back but he finally treated me instead.
This was really nice because I didn't expect that he was going to treat me lol

I was really starving because I didn't drink anything since afternoon.
So we headed to supermarket first to buy a few drinks.
then he took me to the famous brewery In Munich.


This place is not far from the University where my friend used to study.
He told me that after school, students like to come and enjoy drinking
at this place.

The first place he brought me was the Flower garden
nahhhh not for me XD hahahaa


Walking up the hills

Another picture of myself.

Here is one of the world famous and oldest existing breweries in Germany.
Near by this place, there is a nice restaurant that you can enjoy with the view
from outside.


We went to have a few drinks outside because of the view.
we asked some german students to take pictures for us but all photos that
he took were really bad hahaha


This is the place I told you.

Tobacco , I have never seen this before. It's a smokeless tobacco that you
have to sniff it up in one nostril.


After finished from this restaurant, my friend brought me for dinner In another place somewhere in the village.

on the way to the restaurant

Beautiful lights in the evening


This is an old german restaurant called "Hofbrauhaus freising" there are a lot
of food to choose here.
This was really my first time eating real german food in Germany.



Like I told you that I supposed to come here to pay back but I got treated
by him instead.
So I didn't pay anything at all!! lol

At night in Munich, I have not heard even one german song in a bar.
Just only stupid English songs that I didn't like.

As I mentioned earlier, I stayed In Munich for a week and I met new friens who
stayed In the same hostels. One girl from Colombia and another guy from korea.
I was like a temporary tour guide for them to walk around the city for a day.

(friends who I met In hostel)

Another plan after Munich is to Nuremberg to meet other friends who I met
In Amazon basin. My friend convinced me all the time to come here and sent
me a few post cards of Nuremberg. This also one of the reasons I decided to
come here.

I come here by bus which I booked through
You will get very cheap price If you booked in advance.

Here is the station, I take a bus at this place in Munich "Einkaufspassage im ZOB"


The place where they will drop you in Nuremberg.
It will take you not more than 2 hours to here.


My lovely friend came to pick me up at the bus station and brought me to
the sausage place because she knew that I like sausages. She bought me a lot of
them and I was really surpised (actually I can eat all of them in one day LOL)

This is what my friend told me not to miss when traveling In Germany.
It's called Leberkäse (Le-ber-Kae-se) and she bought me this too.
I really appreciated for this warm welcome In Nuremberg.

After buying a lot of stuffs. Then I headed to my friend's house to stay with her.
She gave me a key to go out or get in anytime I want.

Welcome drink lol / Below picture is the wonderful sausages (My sweetiesssss)


It took me 3 years to meet up with her again since we met last time in the
amazon basin 2012.

She told me If I could not get back home when I'm drunk, Just tell
the taxi driver to come to this hotel (because It's near to her home) lol

What do they have In Nuremberg ?

This city is very well-known for an Old town ,lively colored houses,Christmas
market,Nurnberg Fountain and etc.

This is also called the "Magic Kingdom" of Walt Disney because they are a lot of
things that will make you feel like you are really In there.

Nuremberg is one of the historical cities in Bavaria where you can see the old
buildings and beautiful castle from the holy roman empire.

The event "Die Blaue Nacht" In Nuremberg that will be held In a few days.


Places In Nuremberg(took by an ugly cellphone)

Nürnberg City

Very beautiful

A trip with friends.


My friends wanted me to see another city close to here. It is called "Furth"
Furth is a smaller city in the shadow of Nuremberg. It's a very quiet city
and lovely.

Fürth City

I somehow love the silence of the city



In the Die Blaue Nacht event.

I saw a lot of guys In Bavaria wearing this lederhosen with suspenders.
and I wanted to have it since long time ago but could not find in Bangkok.

So I asked my friends where to buy this and my friend brought me to the shop
for this special "lederhosen with suspenders"

Believe me, there is nothing like this selling in Thailand or If they have it.
It's not the real one like the one I bought In Germany.

And this is an outcome! Ta Daaaaaaaa...

This place is where they held the event.

Kaiserburg Castle, the beautiful castle and the famous landmark that situated
on a small hill overlooking Nuremberg's old town.

my friends took me for a tour to this castle.
I felt like a prince walking around this castle.

Frauenkirche, Nuremberg
Schoner Brunnen, a 14th-century fountain. there is a golden ring which you
can ask to grant you wishes if you turn it three times before asking.

(They were renovating this when I was there)

Original Nuremberg Sausages

Night Party

I went out with a friend at night to enjoy party at the nightclub. I stayed till
morning and didn't feel tired. (Because I'm a professional party person hahaha
well i'm a homeboy too)

I was really impressed with this Nuremberg - Furth trip.
The places are beautiful than I expected.

I didn't stay long time here. The next destination where I visited
( I guess you all know) It's BERLIN!!!


I left Nuremberg at middle of the night and arrived in the early morning.
The bus station will be somewhere near Messe station.
Traffic Jam in the morning.

These are What I planned to do In Berlin

1. Eat Currywurst
2. Visit Berlin Wall
3. take picture with Brandenburg Gate
4. Berlin Tempelhof Airport

I have actually visited more places than my plan because they are so many things to do In Berlin. But I randomly choose to do what I like instead.



I stayed here in Baxpax hostel , Got a very nice view.

The first place where I visited "Alexanderplatz"

The Alexanderplatz is within 5 minutes walking distance, shopping centers
(e.g. Alexa, Kaufhof), restaurants, cinema and etc.

I felt like here is like a center of everything where you can get whatever you
want or it can be a meeting point too.

Berlin Beer

I went inside the shopping mall to buy a very cute lion doll to be
accompanying me.Because whenever I go, I won't be alone. hahaha

(I bought a small one not the one in picture)

Brandenburger Tor
The popular landmark where you will always see in magazine. This place is
located between East and West Germany during the Cold War

The Berlin Wall split the city of Berlin in two for 28 years.
In 1989 Berlin wall was torn down and opened and allowed its citizens to pass
through it freely till nowadays.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Somewhere near East Side Gallery

The real Currywurst shop (one of my friends told me that If I want to eat the
real one I must visit at this place only "Curry 36" )

This place is located near Mehringdamm station till very late at night.
Some said that It is a Berlin legend. Everyone that wants to try the real and
beloved currywurst should come here to eat.

Curry 36

I went out party every night in Berlin because Berlin offers a lot of things
for you to enjoy and It is really safe here in Berlin if you go partying alone.

Places In Berlin

Berlin boat tour is one of the best tours that will make you see more of Berlin.

Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm de Berlin) and Berlin Cathedral

In Germany, many people can speak good english as I have experienced with.
There is no obstacle using English In here.


U.S. Checkpoint


Berlin street arts (If you are Thai, You will feel home when you see this lol)

Berlin Tempelhof Airport

This Germany trip was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. The reason why this
article is longer than others because I did not record any video for this trip.

If you really have no idea what do they have in Germany or can't imagine how
Germany looks like or not sure whether it will be fun or not.

Let me summarize for you, pubs and bars to enjoy party will be 24 hours
(actually It is 23Hrs due to they will stop for an hour at 5 a.m. and continue
selling alcohol again at 6 a.m.) There is 24 hours shops and lots of museums.

Now I think you can decide by youself whether this country suits or not.

Have fun In Germany!!!



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Something to know

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.Before going party, You can start drinking at home first. This is what many
German friends told me to do because the beverage price in the club will be a
bit costly than in supermarket.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.If you don't want to move around all the time, Try to stay In downtown.
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.A weekly ticket would suit you If you stay one place longer than a week.
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.There are a lot of places like museums and historical things to see.
Hope you find the place that suit you the most and enjoy your trip in Germany!!





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