A fairly Tale City in Prague, Czech Republic

Taking photos and selfie around Prague.

In the early 2019, I had a chance to come back to Europe again.
So this time I wanted to revisit Berlin and explore other countries that
I've never been. As my travel style, I usually stay one place for
at least 5 days. But this time I wanted to try to move in places
like what many people do.

I arrived in Berlin first and stayed there for a week. Then I took a bus
and headed to Prague (I will write again about Berlin If I have time).
The reason why I chose to go to Prague because It is not far from Germany.
And people say that it is very beautiful.

So this trip is Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Bratislava but I spent more time
In Berlin and Vienna than any other places. Anyway, Lets take a look
down here and see if you will like this city like me or not.

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I took a bus from Berlin to Prague from Berlin Sudkreuz station.
The bus company that I used is RegioJet. There is USB portfor charging
your phone and the small tv touch screen that I did not use.
Not sure If that works or not. With the cheap price that I booked online
in advance while staying In Berlin. It was worth it though.
I paid only 18 Euros. Some people may pay less if they book for long time.
but for me this price was ok.

Travelling by bus is one of the best ways to see the country and
more scenery. But you will waste a lot of time unless you go very far
and don't want to pay for hotel to stay overnight. I love taking a bus
when traveling but in my own country, I rather take a plane because
I have seen everything already and it does not fancy me anymore.


Prague is a city with cobblestone streets. And is it very difficult to wheel
around on cobblestone streets. As I have seen before, many sidewalks
and roads in beautiful cities in Europe are mostly all cobblestones.
I dragged my luggage to the hostel and on the way, one of the wheels broke.
I was like "Damn it!" Luckily, I still have 3 wheels left hahaha
also the lugguge I bought I've been using for many times during the past
2 years. And It was very cheap like 700 THB(20euros/22usd) The size
of my luggage is 24 inch. So I didn't feel that sad but
It was difficult for me to pull around this time.

I stayed in the place that called "the Hostel and Pension Downtown"
It was ok not that bad. There is everything nearby this place.
and It is easy to walk to Charles Bridge where people go for taking photos.
There is an automated currency exchange machine in the lobby too.

Due to I did not plan to stay here for many days. So I withdrawed money from
the ATM machine and use my cards only the place where they accept cards.


It was quite late when I arrived. So I took a fast shower just to feel fresh.
Then quickly grabbed my camera and walked to the famous brigde.
I met a few friends in the hostel first before going out. So we talked a bit.
and planned to go for dinner and hangout tonight together.

So my mission now is to go and take pictures before the sun go down.

From the afternoon until night, If you take photos
from the eastside to the castle. Your photo will be black light.
If you don't want to have a black light photo with the castle.
I think the best time to take photos is gonna be in the morning.

On the side at Stare Mesto are, There are many things to do than
other the other side that seperated by Vltava River.

The Charles Bridge is usually packed with tourists. You'll find loads
of tourists flocking there and It will be difficult for you to take selfies.
And never forget when you go to Europe, put your important stuffs
in front of you or where you can see them.

It is such a romantic place here in Prague. It would be nice to hold
someone's hand and walk on the bridge hahaha


Prague Castle

I got so many good photos here. The trick is that many asian people love selfies.
They are very talented in taking photos. When asking someone for help,
You should look for those who come as a couple or someone that look like
they are here just for photos. .

Charles Bridge

Like I said, It is impossible to take good photos with people walking.

St. Nicholas Church

After spending a lot of time outside, I headed back to the hostel
in order to have dinner with friends from the hostel. One of the friends
wanted to eat something but we couldn't find it. So we decided to go
to food court in a shopping mall. We all wanted Thai Food and each of us
had one dish of thai food. The Thai Food here It was cooked by local chef
I guess. So the taste is not really a 100% Thai.

We took a rest for a few hours and planned to hangout at one famous bar.
This bar was showed in many travel documentaries and I wanted to go.

It is one of the popular bars here to hangout at night.
This place is called "VZORKOVNA" If you come late, you may have to get
in line outside. But the line goes fast though.
Then you may have to pay around 50CZK to 100CZK. They will give a bar card
with the amount of money you paid(I guess, because I didn't check it)
and you can use this card to pay your drinks inside. You can top up it
later If you want. Don't forget to bring your ID card when coming here too.

This place looks like a ghost house due to the dim lights of candles and
the decoration inside. There are so many rooms to explore including the room
with live music. I stayed under the dim lights for awhile then went out
a game room where I can see more lights.

I had conversation with many tourists there and one of them used to come to
Thailand. He showed me his Thai tattoo and It was really big.

Next day, I walked out to explore a bit more of the city and take photos.
I don't know If this is a typical thai thing or not or just me.
but I don't like to take photos with the same cloth hahaha
So I went to Zara and bought one jacket to take new photos.

Prague isn´t just famous only for it´s history but also for shopping.
there are many shopping malls and many things to buy.
The tram in the city looks modern. The city itself is not that big.
There is no need to buy tram ticket unless you want to go futher.

I can't really differentiate local people but I know if I want to
meet them, They can be found in many bars at night hahaha


Selfie Time!

Don't know what to do here? Why don't you just walk along the river
and find a place to drin beer? hahaha Well, you can take a boat tour
too if you like.


For me, I think Prague is a very nice city and afforable.
You can spend like a week here If you love to hangout with people.
I was a bit sad that I stayed here only a few days because I already
booked everything in Vienna. But it was a very good experience though
moving around places. I still didn't like this travel style that much
to stay in one place very short time. anyway, let's move on to the next one.
the next trip I will be in Vienna and this place is where I stayed longer..
----> Click Vienna, Austria


What you should know about Prague,Czech Republic

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.You can walk around the city.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.People said the fee is high when withdrawing money from the ATM machine.icon.gif (941 bytes)3.If you have a chance to visit the castle, one day is not enough.





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