Chilling in Vienna.

Explore the city and the fun park that you will never forget.

I realised that moving around with the broken luggage is not that fun at all.
So this trip in Vienna I will be in the same place due to I booked
a hostel where I stayed for almost a week. Also I wanted to relax
and enjoy my time the most when traveling. You know that for me
the best thing to do when I go on a trip is to do nothing hahaha.

This trip I wouldn't talk much due to I really enjoyed my time here
and really didn't spend much time on photos. Also I don't have a lot of readers,
why would I write it long? hahaha. So my blog this time It will mostly
be about my own diary.

Let's begin with the brief info about here. This Country is Austria, not
Australia. Located In Europe and used to be part of Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The official language is German but locals say they don't speak
the same German hahah I don't know If it's true or not
since I don't speak German. Anyway, Let's take a look more.

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Fairly Tale City in Prague,Czech Repulic

As you can see in the map, Austria is a landlock country.
Border countries are: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein,
Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. I have seen a lot of neighbors
who come here for work In Austria due to better economics.
I think learning German might be an advantage to live in this area.
I have seen a lot of jobs in Europe that offer people who speak German.

My trip this time I started from Prague. This time I took a train
at "Praha hlavní nádraží" With the 3 wheels left, I managed to drag
it to the station without any problem. This station is big.
The big screen that showing different routes got me confusing a bit.
You may have to check your train carefully. Sometimes, It doesn't show up
until your train is about to leave.


The train I took ran not fast. I arrived In Vienna around 9pm-10pm.
my hostel is located not far from the Main Station "Wien Hauptbahnhof"
there is no reception desk at night. I woudn't like to talk much about
the place where I stayed because I didn't like the staffs here.
I had a few problems here so I will skip this.

I was very hungry at night because I did not buy anything to eat
in the train. Once I arrived, everything was closed. It is not like
Bangkok where you can find something to eat 24hrs. However, I found a
little shop near the train station where they sell hamburgers and sausages.
It was very delicious. Maybe because I was starving.


I went outside at night but couldn't find a good drinking place near to
my hostel. So I had just one drink and went back home to sleep.

In the morning, I woke up and went for exercise. When I came back
to the hostel. I found one middle age women who I think she is around
47+ years old. She looked confusing with her map and seemed like
she was trying to ask someone but no one helped her.

I went saying Hi to her and assisted to help. After a few conversation,
I found that she wanted to explore the cities. by the way,
She is Taiwanese from Taiwan. Since I was about to go out and explore a bit
of the city. I offered to bring her places because I have GPS.
She was really happy and asked me to wait in a lobby.
Suddenly, there were 2 of her friends who wanted join me too.
I was thinking like "Am I taking my parents on a trip?" hahaha

Belvedere Palace

There were 3 of them who followed me. I don't really remember their names.
So I will call them as per their hat colors. The one with black hat
she can speak English but not so good. The one with white hat, she can't
speak English but she is very fun women. She loves taking photos
and alway active. the other one with red hat, she doesn't speak much.

I was ok with them. Because hanging out with different kind of people
will make me learn more about getting into differnt kind of society.
Three of them were so nice and kind. They even treated me at the end
of the day trip.

The white hat lady, she stopped every corner for photos. hahahaha
It took me a lot of time to walk to Belvedere Palace. At this palace
I spent almost an hour just to wait them taking photos.
I didn't take a lot of photos here, Just a few photos.

I know nothing about this palace. But this place is beautiful
It was built in the early eighteenth century.
there was no water in the fountain when I visited.


Karlskirche (St.Charles Church)

Karlskirche is biggest baroque churche in Vienna.
It was built to give thanks for the passing of a plague epidemic
during 1713. There were many people sitting outside to relax.

There was a coffee cart nearby the Church. The white hat lady
bought me a hot coffee and we spent a half an hour at this place.

In fact, we walked more than 10 kilometers around the city.
Those ladies were soooooo strong. I wanted to give up all the time but they
just asked me to keep walking hahaha. We went to Mozart Monument
Opera House, Burggarten, Shopping Street near Stephansplatz,
City Hall and Parliament House. At the end of the trip,
They wanted to thank me. So they asked me If I wanna eat anything.
Due to I am Thai and Thai people always feel "Greng Jai"
let me explain this, "Greng Jai" is expresses a feeling of not wishing
to impose/inconvenience/bother somebody else. It is hard to explain
If you have a Thai friend, You will understand more hahaha

So I had in my mind already that I want to eat a burger.
Finally, we all ended up at Mcdonald and had our food here.

Hofburg Palace

This is the one of the most popular destinations in Vienna.
It is the former principal imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty rulers
and today it is the official residence and workplace of the President of Austria.

Below picture you can see St. Stephen's Cathedral. It is located
in Stephen Square. This area is a very popular shopping place.

Before heading back to the hostels, the ladies bought me one cup of starbuck.
I was very tired but I still felt like I had to go Prater Wien.
Even though It located quite far from the place where I stayed.

Prater Wien

Once I arrived Prater Wien, I can say that this place is the place
that I love the most in the entire city. hahaha
I came here almost everyday because It was very fun.
If I had a chance to come back to Vienna, this will be my first list to visit.

This Fun Park is free entry. It is the very old park that has
been operating for 250 years already. This was before the capital city
of Thailand was moved to Bangkok. All the machines are affordable.

The one that I loved the most is Prater Turm. This is the most exciting one
for me. I played this In the best time around 5-6 pm. when I could see
sunset and the landscape of the beautiful city.

There is also the popular drinking place here which is called "Schweizerhaus"
I was there when they had a football game "Poland vs Austria"
I was a bit scared with the hooligans but nothing happened to me.

This restaurant is big and I ordered the famous Pork leg. However, I coundn't
finish this by myself. I had to bring it back hostel too.


Next day, I started to go on a diet because of the pork leg from last night.
hahaha So I ran around the city in the day time and visited a few places here.

To be honest, Vienna is not a party city. I went out the first 2 nights then
I skipped that. It was more fun In the day time here. Plus, going to Prater Wien
is what I loved to do while staying here.

I didn't do a lot of my things for the rest of my days here.
let me summarize then.


This place is good to sunbathe in summer or read books under trees.


It is a children's playground where you see a lot of kids coming out
in the afternoon playing with parents.

Another delicious Pad Thai in Wien Hauptbahnhof.
All the staffs here are Thai.


My week In Vienna was so nice. I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time.
Maybe because I skipped Nightlife here. For my next trip I will be
in Bratislava, Slovakia. That trip I was still with the ladies due to
I invited them to go with me to Bratislava for a day trip.

Anyway, If you know more about places especially Party or Nightlife here
in Vienna, Don't forget to let me know. I would love to explore more of it
when I visit there next time. Click Bratislava, Slovakia.


What you should know about Vienna

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.If you can walk more than 10 kilometers. Just do it
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Dont forget to visit Prater Wien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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