Opera House in Sydney

Taking pictures with me at Opera House

I was a bit bored living in Melbourne, and I wanted to have a short trip
to somewhere by my own. So I chose to be in Sydney where I can see
the beautiful landmark where it represents the country everytime I think
about Australia.

I didn't plan to do lots of things and didn't do any research before
traveling to Sydney. The only thing I did was book a place to stay.
but I made my crazy mission to take pictures with the opera house.
I found the cheapest way to go there by train and I expected to see
good scenery while sitting in the train but it was so bad hahaha

Anyway , let's get started!


Places to visit

The most romantic place "Venice"

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Why should we come to Moscow

I did not have any Australian ATM card and I didn't want to use my
credit card to book a train, but there is option to pay by cash on nswtrainlink.info , You will get it cheaper if you book in advance.
Once you booked, the next step is to present your code to pay at
"Pay it at Post"


It's very easy to use Pay it @Post, just like buying plane ticket
without having credit card in Thailand and pay it at 7/11 ,
I paid around 45 AUD exclude the fee.

The train will depart from Southern Cross station(Melbourne)
and arrive at Central Station(Sydney), before taking a train
don't forget to bring something to eat in the train because
the food I ate there was terrible and expensive.
I forgot to buy something to eat, that's why I had to buy
something in the train and had this experience to tell you.

Picture of Southern Cross Station


The train looks old,some of the seats look hard and unconfortable.
Food is expensive and not delicious. I couldn't sleep the whole trip
not because of seat but I wanted to see good scenery on the way to Sydney.
Unfortunately, I saw nothing except the farms.
It was a good experience though hahaha.

On the way to Sydney, There was a group of old ladies who dressed the same
clothes,got in the train in the middle of the way. These ladies were so funny
and always asked people to join playing games with them.

I sit next to them and they gave me some snacks to eat.
They also had the same plan to travel in Sydney.
It was so funny talking to them and I enjoyed it a lot.

I arrived in Sydney around 7pm and walked directly to my hostel.
Central Station is very close to Thai Town and they are a lot of Thai people
who are living and working here. I heard a lot of thai people shouting on the street while walking to my hostel. It reminded me of some street in Bangkok.

The weather on my first day was not ok, There were a bit of rain and I couldn't go
other place far away from my hostel.
I stuck in the lobby for awhile and decided to go out at night for a few drinks.

The next day the weather was the same as yesterday, but due to
i have a less time here,I decided just to walk out among the rain to take pictures
with the opera house as I planned in my mission.
My hostel is located in the central of the city, It was not
far walking to the opera house but it took me awhile because of the rain.


Arrived at the river

I walked around places to find the best part to take pictures, and I finally
stopped at one place on the left side of the opera house.
I took bunch of photos but they were not good,
So I turned back ,took it and got the best picture instead. Maybe it was all
because of raindrops all over my face and made like a wet dog.

I went around places in the town at night, It was full of people and
quite fun and entertaining than Melbourne city. There are a lot of
restaurants and bars with a lot of people inside.

I enjoyed walking a lot and forgot to take pictures of many nice places,
because I only stuck with the idea of take better photos in the sunny day.


Places at night in Sydney.


The following day was better than today. There were no people walking
on the street and it was so sunny. I finally got a chance to take pictures
today. So I went back there and take thoudsand of pictures in an hour.
hahaha It seems like the only place I went is the Opera House here.

They are around 4 million people living here and people mistakenly thought
Sydney is the capital but is not, The capital city of AU is Canberra
which is located in ACT(Australian Capital Territory)
Some of my friends told me that Victoria and NSW used to have an agrument
about creating the capitial city and they finally ended up having Canberra
which not belong to anyone. I don't know whether is true or not.
Look it up more on google then ! lol

Sydney has opened door for immigrants since many years ago.
There are a lot of immigrants around the world living in Sydney, and
I feel like it's more diverse than Melbourne.
In Melbourne, you would probably see more of chinese and vietnamese.

It was crowded at The opera house than the other day.
I went to another side just to more photos.

Let me summarize about this place in my own way,
the reason they builded this place because there was no good place
to hold an events, concert, show or etc.
There was a competition to design the national opera house,
and the design of the architect "Jorn Utzon" was chosen, It
now became the wide known landmark around the world.
Sydney opera house was officially opened for the first show
on 28 September 1973 and was inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2007.

The design of this place resemble a sailing boat,
but It looks like dishrack in my opinion as the picture below lol

What an innocent photo of me ! lol

Now becoming a monkey.

and finally the best photo is the one taking a the back of me hahaha


After taking lots of photos, I decided to walk back in the town
and find some thing that is more interesting than this to post in my blog,
I found one shopping mall located in the heart of the city.
This Queen Victoria building is like a gem of sydney because it's an old
shopping place that still alive since 1898.
I went inside just to find something to buy, a minute later I realised that
it was unaffordable to me, I should have known long ago because I was still
buying food to eat at Mcdonal lol

One good thing about Sydney is that I could walk places easily without
getting in the train. but if you want to go to beaches, you can't just walk there
unless you want to jump out the river near the opera house.
It was really fun so far and I had a good time here.

Market City is the combination of asia and (something)

I finished my opera house mission and went to have a new haircut just to
reward myself. I didn't have a nice haircut though as you can see from
my face. The hair was still all over my face.

Maybe because it was cheap that's why they didn't wipe the hair out of my face.
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my trip. There are still lots of things
to do in Sydney especially nightlife and entertaining activities to do
in the day time. If you plan to come here, make sure you go more places
than me. hahaha



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Some advice
icon.gif (941 bytes) I don't know what to advice, anyway be very careful when going to
nightclubs, I have heard they always fight or have problems in the clubs.





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