Phi Phi, My paradise island!

Phi Phi island, the only paradise for me in Thailand

I usually don't write a lot of my own country because I like to share
my travel places in other parts of the world to my thai friends, and tell
them the differences and what they will experiece while traveling abroad.
But when it comes to my trip in Thailand, I will just take pictures and
post it in my facebook, Because I feel like a lot of thai people have
been to many places in Thailand already. But this time I feel like this place
is a special place for me in Thailand due to it's the best part where I
can truly feel like i'm in paradise in Thailand. Phi Phi island offers
everything you could possibly want such as restaurants , bars or day activities
in mountains and beaches. There is no even traffic here.
It makes me headache all the time when thinking about traffic in Bangkok.


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I have been to many islands in Thailand but I prefer this island more than
the others, because I can feel the city life and island life at the same time.
This is not my first time on this island and the the last time as well.
If you like something like this, I'm sure you will love it here like me.


You can come to Phi Phi from Krabi or Phuket by ferry, or if you start your
journey in Bangkok, you could come by bus to phuket. but i wouldn't suggest
anyone to come by bus because it is so suffering and not comfortable.
The prices for air ticket and the bus are not much different.
So choose wisely.

It takes around 2 hours from Phuket to Phi Phi or even Krabi depends on
the wind,the price will be around 350 THB but you could negotiate if you
buy from the small agencies especially in low season.

I would really like to tell foreigners who come and think they have lots of money
and can do everything on the island by throwing money to them, well don't you
know that many locals who own the land here are richer than you, So don't try
to show this rudeness to locals,if they feel offended,
you may not be able to get back to your homeland.


This time i stayed in Phi Phi Cozy Seafront Resort because it's the place
where you can see the best sunset spot in Loh Dalum Bay. It is very convenient
to walk to the party area or restaurants in town. I arrived here around noon
and there was a free bag transfer to the hotel.


You can find almost everything in Phi Phi island, prices are a bit higher than
the mainland but they are cheaper than Phuket. Keep in mind everything has to
be transfered by the boat, so prices will not be as cheap as you think.


Due to the majority of the people on the island are muslim, If you want to
eat bacon, it will take awhile for you to find it.


Many shops on the island will have quite the same price even alcohol.

Drunken people will be fighting at reggae bar at night.
You can come and see if you like this kind of weird sport.

Or if you don't wanna go dancing crazily, you could go to Banana rooftop bar
to lie on a couch and watch movies. They will be showing movies until before
mid-night and will start to play the music after that.

Or if you prefer to dance and socialize with people, I would suggest you
to go to Stockholm Syndome bar or Dojo bar.

There are a few clinics here in case if you get beat up by someone.

My hotel is located in Loh Dalum Bay and it's not that far by walk
from the pier. There will be a sign showing everywhere above your head.

The big sign in front of the hotel.


The view is like what i expected and there is a swimming pool.



Staying in the bamboo hut you will experience the the real nature,
and it will not be as clean as the concrete room. If you like to experience
this, you could try it. So i chose to be in the bamboo hut on my first day
before moving to the concrete room in the next day.


The bamboo hut suit for a solo traveler because it's not big.

My first activity in Phi Phi is to visit "View Point" this touristic view point
will charge you for the entrance fee 30 THB. This is the worst view point ever
because it's not that high enough and not beautiful. The only thing you can see
is the beach area and the town.
You will be sitting on the stones when you reach there.

However, there is another view point which i called "The hidden gem"
It is located on the top of the mountain and this place offers you the best
sunset spot in Phi Phi island. There is no pathway or a sign pointing
you the way to go, so you must discover it by yourself.

There is no entrance fee for this place, so you could come here without paying.


I was so impressed with the view here, you can see almost everything and
It's never boring coming to see this spot everytime i am in Phi Phi island.


The best sunset spot in Phi Phi island.


Sunset at the hotel.


Loh Dalum Bay will turn into party area with bars along the beach at night.
There will be a lot of bars playing music loundly with similar kind of music.
If you stay in this area, you may experience some noise disturbance.
Or if you want to be in a very quiet place, you have to stay in Long Beach
or other hotels in the north of the island or ton sai pier.

I went out at night to enjoy a party with friends who i met here.
It was a fun night and I enjoyed it more than in Koh Phangan.

After a party, I woke up in the moring to go with a longtail boat tour.
If you have no idea what kind of package you want, I suggest you a half-day
trip because it's not that tiring and it's more fun than a full-day trip.

There are different types of boat tours, exotic one to the comfortable one.
Some boat tour offer you to drink until you get drunk but this will be around
2-3 thousand THB per trip. The normal longtail boat will be around 350-450 THB


The 2 famous places where boat will definitely bring you will be at the
Monkey Beach and Maya Bay. The sailor will collect you more money for 200THB
if you wish to get on the beach.



Anyway, please keep in mind that it is illegal to stay overnight here.
the below pic is the bad example of the tourists.


I was in Maya Bay in a high season, so it was a bit crowded and not nice as
i expected.

Sunset on the way back.

Woke up in the morning and changed my room to be in the air conditioned one.
This one is better than the bamboo hut because the room is facing the sea
and i could wake up seeing the ocean in the morning.

There are more cheaper hotels in the town but those are like brothels.


If you come in the rainy season, you might experiece the rain that may get
into your room. but in the normal season, you wouldn't experiece that.


Most of the tourists in this hotel will be westerners, in Long Beach area
will be more chinese and asian people. I feel like I have heard spanish speakers
all the time while walking in the town. It's very surprising seeing these tourists
because back to the past 5-10 years. You rarely see tourists from latin america or

I get to asked all the time about the best beach on the island.
I feel like beaches here are not as nice as in other island.
If you wish to swim, Long Beach may be your answer
as it's better than the beach in Loh Dalum Bay.


Long Beach


Near to Tonsai pier is also nice to go for swimming if you dont' wanna walk to far.

On the way back to hotel.

and the last photo at public balcony in the hotel.

Traveling here in rainy season is a nightmare, you will not be able to go
anywhere unless hiding yourself in a room. But some day if you are lucky
enough, you could get some sun and visit Maya Bay which will be less crowded
and cleaner than high season.


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Some tips

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.Dont come here by a bus, a plane is better since the prices are almost
the same.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Phi Phi is a small island but it's not easy to walk around.
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.The minimum stay here should be 2-3 days if you wanna experience
real Phi Phi island.
icon.gif (941 bytes)4.Don't think that they accept credit card everywhere here,
C'mon man! we are in a small island, almost every has to be paid in cash.







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