Transit trip in Seoul

Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace and Walking around in Insadong street.

This is my very short trip in South Korea due to i have to hop on a plane
for San Francisco. So i wouldn't wanna waste my time waiting for the next flight
longer than 8 hours. And it's also interesting to see some of South Korea.

I personally have no interest in K-pop and Korean Culture but still wanna
come and see the city and other things. Because if i'm one of those crazy
k-pop fans , i would definitely spend more time here.

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Places to vist

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Let's go to Mosow!!

This is where South Korea is located. In the map, you can see that North Korea is
just within reach of Seoul, The capital city of South Korea.

I flew from Chiang Mai to Seoul and it took me almost a day for the layover.
That is why I had to do a research about this transit trip according to
this website.
If you are about to come here for a long layover. You can use this Transit Tour
and it is also free ( Well, you gotta pay 10 USD but it's worth it) It is included
lunch at Traditional Korean Restaurant. If you think you could just go by
your own to the city and grab a taxi back, I think that it's also a good idea
but i won't suggest you , because you will waste a lot of your money to do that
just to get a similar kind of experience unless you gotta be there for 23hrs.

The Tour will be divided in different time and hour, For example 1 hour
until 5 hours. 1 hour tour will be in almost every hour but the tour that
takes longer than 2 hours, there will be a specific time (more info can be
found on that given website) And they will bring you to different places.

If you want to stay in Korea for more than one day. I think you can just
book for this free tour and get off in the city for for free.
So you don't need to pay for the transportation to get in the city.
Save more money to do other activities!

The process of booking this tour is so easy. Just go to that website
click on REVERSATION tap, then choose your time , fill the info and print out
that paper. The tour is always busy, so better you book it in advance like
a month or weeks. Once you got your paper, when you arrive at the airport.
Just walk to exit 8 and find the tour desk as below picture.
Show them this and pay them 10 USD.
You must go and register 20-30 mins before the tour start.

The Tour Desk is located between Exit 8 and 9

I chose 5 hours tour since i have a long layover here.There was a korea
guidewho speaks in English, described about general things in Korea all the way
to downtown. She pointed out the window to the longest brigde in Korea
(Incheon Bridge) but it was to cloudy to see the brigde. bridge connects between
Yeongjongdo Island,developing an international distribution complex as well as
international airport, and Songdo Island.


Traffic in the morning here just similar to other big cities. I don't know whether
it's a cloud of smog or not but it looked so cloudy the whole day and
was not cold.

In the bus, the tour guide always talked about the pollution from China that
have increased in the past few years. The city is suffering from dust air pollution
that comes from China. It became a smouldering issue but it seemed that China is
doing nothing about this.

The bus stopped first place at Gyeongbokgung palace. We got only an hour to
walk around the palace. The weather was not cold and hot, so it was ok to
walk around.


Gyeongbokgung palace is located in the north of Seoul, completed during the reign of King Sejong. It has been destroyed and reconstructed numerous times.
The operating hours starts from 9AM-6PM

If you want free entrance, wear a hanbok. You could get to this palace for free.
There is one place nearby here, it's called "Oneday Hanbok".
You could rent hanbok and visit a few Seoul's ancient palaces for free.

Without tourists, This would be a good place to live.

Time flew by so fast, the next place they will bring us will be Insadong area.
which located in the center of Seoul. A modern ancient town that has many
stores and restaurants are very popular for teenagers here.
I saw many young people who walked around this area just like a center where
teenagers gathering.

I walked pass here and found a shop where they are selling something.
I didn't try this but wonder what is this.



Many teenagers in this area


They look all similar with the same hairstyle.

Cat Cafe

Around this area.

And all of this was just a short time while wating to go to USA.
I took a lot of photos but once i checked, It looks like i have more of my
face than the picture of city.

Anyway, If you have a chance to transit. This is a good idea to do things not to
waste your time. If you are really a big big fan of K-pop or Korean Series.
You may want to visit more places and stay longer.

Now my time is up, let's follow me to San Francisco for my next mision
"Sefie with Golden Gate Brigde" lol


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Some tips

icon.gif (941 bytes)1.There is a free bathroom if you want to take a shower at Incheon Airport.
icon.gif (941 bytes)2.Transit Tour desk is close between Exit 8-9
icon.gif (941 bytes)3.Bring enough money to Seoul if you want to buy something as souvenir.





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