Explore Singapore (2009)

get around the city (what to do? where to go? in Singapore)

Some people have named Singapore as being boring. Even though Singapore
has been trying to shake off its boring by building a Casino, Fun park and etc.

My highest goal in my life is wandering around the world. The idea of traveling
around the world is something that really challenged me, and I like to share
my experiences to people. This might be the reason that I run a travel blog.

Some people absolutely love the city’s spotlessness, others would say there’s
nothing to do there besides shopping and eating.

I know that actually there’s no place is boring in the world. It all depends on
what you’re looking for. If you like beach ,swimming. you don’t go to a place
where there is no beach, am I right? But I just don’t like this place as much as
other places.



Places to visit

All day All night In Germany

Ghost hotel in Colombia

Visit the beautiful city "Moscow"


How to get There?

– Take a plane
– Take a train from KL, Malaysia/Bangkok
– Take a bus from KL, Malaysia/Bangkok


There’s not much to tell about buying tickets , you can find it easily in KL or
if you take a plane, There are many low cost airlines for you to choose.
Book it in advance for 1-2 weeks you can get a cheaper price.

I didn't take a lot of photos when I was there. So don't expect to see
good photos.

I stayed at Elizabeth some where on Mount Elizabeth. The hotel room is very
small and expensive and there were a construction outside the window.

the picture of the hotel

However, this place is very easy to get around and it's just a walking distance to
the shopping mall.

I walked around the city and found this white bridge.


not sure whether this is a foodball field or not.


What I really know about Singapore is just a Merlion. Apart from that there is
nothing really interesting for me since they have a lot of shopping malls and
I'm not into shopping mall as much as some thai friends.


I know just a bit history about British colonial time and I've seen a lot of statues.
of those who have been part of Singapore history.

Below is me and the statue.


This is statue of Sir Samford Raffles.
He is a very famous in Singapore because he is a father of Singapore.
The one who landed to the country and found so much potential to make this
place to be developed. I think what he had dreamed of has become true already.

found a few students who were interview people about something(i forgot)

While walking on the street. I found one traveler who wants to join with me on
this trip. This guy is from Japan.

Finally I arrived here. The most famous symbol of Singapore"Merlion"

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

This place also known as "the big durians" because of its appearance that similar
to durian(fruit) It is located in Marina Bay near the mouth of the Singapore River.

The Raffles Hotel

This Raffles Hotel is a 5 stars hotel where a lot of famous people used to come and
stay here for their vacation or business trip.
Or If you are a cocktail fan. This place is where Singapore Sling(cocktail)
was first created.

I was here just only 3 days. So this night I went out to see beautiful lights
and places for drinks.

The underground walk looks so nice.

If you want to experiece an exciting moment here. This maybe the one you are looking for
or if you just wanna see the view of Singapore. You may go to check Singapore flyer.



Eating breakfast in the morning.


There is no sky train, just only subway as you see here.


I feel like train looks a bit old or maybe i took the old one.


I have already planed that I will be in Sentosa for the second day due to there
was nothing much to do in the downtown.


How you get to Sentosa.

There are cable cars to transfer you to the island. Ticket will be selling at counter which
is quiet expensive for the round trip ticket.

I was there when everything was not complete yet. So I missed my chance to
visit The Universal Studio there.

On sentosa island, you can see a bigger version of merlion

This free bus will bring you around the the interesting places

I'm really interested to see how the beach there look like. So I went there
swimming for an hour before going back to the downtown.

From the picture, the beach does not look really nice but this how
Singaporean people can enjoy their weekend here.

I went back to downtown to buy some souvenirs for friends.

below picture is "Little India" where Singaporean indian community lives.

Found a random chinese temple in china town

Clarke quay

this place is the highlight of Singapore nightlife
where you can find lots of bars and restaurants.

I found a street ice cream cart at night and tried one mint ice cream.

what I got for friends in Bangkok

The night before leaving the airport.

Some tips and suggestions for traveling

– Singapore is one of the safest places in the world. No need to worry with
a scammer, because they have cameras around the city and if you lost your bag.
You’ll get it in an hour.

– Smoking is prohibited in the majority of indoor locations in Singapore.
Don’t try to do it because they will fine you with a big amout of money.
(gum too)

– Take the Singapore MRT to go to places. The most easiest and fastest way to
travel in here.

– Don’t challenge yourself by rent a bicycle to drive around the city.
It’s not a good idea.

– On this tiny island, you’ll not find many activites besides shopping.

– Public bath spots in Singapore men go naked. My first culture shock
experience. I was asking myself like “Do Singaporean men like to see
each other naked??” hahaha

– In the down town is very clean, very urban and a unique mix of Asian and
western culture. Everyone speaks English. There’s no trouble getting around.

Where you shouldn’t miss

-Clarke Quay ( for party)
-the Raffles Hotel “It’s the one of the most famous hotels in the world.
It’s a Singapore landmark established in 1887, the colonial-era hotel with a rich
history is well known for its period architecture, luxurious accommodation and
has won numerous accolades over the years.”
– Merlion

What you shouldn’t do here

– In my opinion i don’t think that the beach in sentosa is clean enough to swim but you can do it if you like.

I arrived the airport here in the afternoon. From here you can take a taxi or airport link to your destination.

More about Singapore :


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