Yangon City

Visiting the most famous temple in Yangon City.

Due to me and my friend we wanted to get out of the office to somewhere
just for a few day. So we decided to make this trip the most relaxing trip.
And we picked Yangon City. Because It is not that far and not expensive
to go. The Airline promotion is also one of the reason.

Before going there, we planned that we will just stay in a 5 star hotel
and do nothing. However, It seemed like my friend wanted to visit temples.
and do something. So I agreed on that and I wanted to go
and take pictures too.

I did a few homework of places where my friend wanted to visit.
So places that she wanted to go are located a bit far. However, I found that
the Taxi App(Grab) is available here. So we decided to make a whole trip
easier by using Grab Application to call taxi.

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Yangon, the former capital city from 1948 to 2006. Now the Capital City
moved to Nay Pyi Taw (Naypyidaw). However, locals seem to against this City
since it was built by Military. And It looks like no one want to move there.
That's why you can still see more culture and experience the vibe of the city
in Yangon. Since the country began to open not long ago. You will not see
a lot of tourists here as other Asean countries. And this is why you should
come before It gets crowded.

We took a Grab car to the hotel because It was very cheap. We tried to
avoid scammer by choosing only the thing that we can see prices.
For money, we did some exchange at the airport because we wouldn't like
to spend much in cash. And from what we knew, many restaurants here
are ok with card.


On the way to the hotel, You will see that a lot of people are still preserving
their traditional dress and way of life. Which makes the city very interesting.

I think that presesrving the tradition turn out to be more popular
in term of tourism. Because tourists in a current day want to experience
something exoctic or things they never experience before.
I am one of that tourists who prefer to see that thing.

The taxi droved us very fast to the hotel and we did not take a rest.
due to we wanted to see the famous Shwedagon Pagoda before sunset.
We did not take a taxi to the temple and it took us a lot of time
to walk to the Pagoda. However, It was nice because we could see a lot
of things on the way especially to see local people doing their things.

Jaywalkers are everywhere like in Thailand.

One thing you would notice when coming to Yangon is that
you will never see any Motorbike in Yangon. From what I googled it
they said there is no law prohibiting motorcycles in Yangon,
but they are banned under municipal decrees in 33 of the city's townships.
And It makes the traffic in the city look organized.

Coming to this city I can feel a good vibe of Bangkok in the past.
where there were no skytrain or subway. but this city is growing very fast.
And I am pretty sure it will be ruined by tourists sooner or later.


We walked like an hour to Shwedagon Pagoda. Don't forget to bring your
own plastic bag. Because this place is not allowed to walk with shoes.
You will see a lot of kids offering plastic bags at the bottom of the stairs
and forcing you to give money. So you just bring your own bag to carry with.

Me and My friend did a homework on this, So we brought our own bag
and showed to the kids that "hey kids we got this!" So they stopped offering us
and walked away.

shwedagon pagoda

The temple look stunning at night. We took a lot of photos at
this beautiful place and took a Grab Car back to hotel.


Night Market 19th Street

At the Hotel, we took a rest for hours before heading to the famous street
for dinner. At 19th street, there are so many restaurnts. We went there and sit
at one restaunt where we saw a lot of people. We did not expect on food here
that much but after we ate, we said the same that It was quite good though!

I invited my friend to go out for drink but she seemed to be allergic to alcohol.
I have a few thai friends who don't drink at all like her. And I am used to this.
So tonight I went out alone and it was a fun night.

I had to send my friend back home first since she is a lady.
So I called a Grab Car and went to send her at the hotel before I can go party.

While waiting for a Grab Car, I found a street vendor that sell betel leaf.
This kind of thing is used to be popular in Thailand long time ago.
Back in the day in Thailand, the old people think that having
the red-stained teeth is beautiful. But there were no longer like this in Thailand.

Chewing betel nut is one of the most popular traditions in Myanmar.
You can try it if you want but i believe that you wouldn't like it for sure.

Since Myanmar began to open the country not long ago.
Clubs,Bars or Pubs are not seen as many. I met a few foreigners
who live in Yangon. they told me that since they moved here many years ago.
Everything was laid back. No buildings or Big Department stores or even FB.
And In the alley where they used to live.It was all villages.
Now everything is not the same. All the street is built with luxury hotels
and many shopping malls are spreading out.

7th Joint Bar & Grill

7th Joint Bar & Grill is Myanmmar's first reggae bar and
It is popular among tourists. There were many people who come here
for fun and It was very fun. Alcohol is cheap too. It is one of
a good place to hangout and meet people at night.

Club Pioneer

The bar is closed very fast and I still wanted to dance more.
I went to the most famous club in Yangon. This place is huge.
You may have to present your card. Whatever card that can identify
your age. The entrance fee was very expensive. I feel like the alcohol here
is overpriced. For a bottle of beer is still ok but other kind of alcohol
like long island that I always drink is way too expensive compared to the
cost of living here. However, I knew that I wouldn't come back here again
so soon. So I spent a lot of money order drinks and bought one hookah
just to make my night the most fun night.

The Hotel that I stayed is PullMan Yangon. It is located near one of the
famous pagoda "Sule Pagoda" It was very nice here and they have gym too.
On the second day I tried to stay at the hotel to use all the facilities as
much as I can. Because I paid already a lot of money hahaha.

Beautiful View from my window!


Bogyoke Aung San Market

This Market you can find a lot of things. Around this place you will be
able to go to the department stores and visit the famous church here.

My friend wanted to buy a traditional dress in order to visit the temple.
So we went to the market to find the dress before heading.
to Botataung Pagoda.

There is are few places where my friend wanted to go. So I went with her on
this day. This place is called Botataung Pagoda. It is a popular place for
Thai People. All Thai Buddhists flock to this place to make a wish
with Rohani Bo Bo Gyi. By tradition, every pagoda has its guardian spirit
who protects its relics from harm.

After spending a few hours outside, we went back to the Hotel and
relaxed by the swimming pool.

We were so lazy to go out for dinner. So we paid for the dinner buffet
at the hotel. It was a bit costly but It was nice because there were variety
of international food for us to choose.

It was a relaxing trip and I really enjoyed it.
Now Yangon is still not invaded by many outsiders. They can still preserve
they tradition and things to be in the way they want.
If you have a chance to come, Just do it now before It will be full with tourists.
By that time whatever I said here It would be just a myth.

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What you shoud know about Yangon

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