My first trip abroad in Laos, Vientiane : Laos



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I took my first trip abroad when I turned 17 years old. This was a very budget trip because It was my frist trip to Laos. If you are Thai, I would recommend you to start your first experience here.
Traveling In Laos is something exotic for foreigners because there are many beautiful sceneries and There are still quite a lot of places in Laos that have not yet been explored.
This is why you should come to Laos.

This place gave me a new vision from the place where I'm living. Even though I took just a little time to be here but and there are still more places where I wanted to go.


I couldn't remember the whole trip because It was long time ago but I will try to bring some photos for you to see.




How to get across the border?

Check the passport requirements if you are subject to visa requirements, you should apply for your visa. In many cases tourists are allowed to get in with their own passport or can get a visa on arrival in Laos if they are traveling for tourism.

Things you should do when getting across the border

- Take the bus from the immigration (if you get to laos through Nong khai) All buses crossing the brigde stop right next to the immigration.
- Then just follow people ahead you in order to complete all the process.
- When you get to Laos, don’t try to take the bus services that offer you in front of the immigration. If you want to save money for other kind of activities. You should wait for the bus where many people getting in. It may take a hour or half and hour be be patient. If you hate waiting, you can gether with other tourists to take a bus and tell them to drop you near Patu xai.
- After arriving there at Patu xai, if you like wandering around the city you can do it. It’s safe here to walk in the day time or even night time but take care yourself and your belongins anyway.
- It’s easy to get around on foot and find cheap guest houses.





The took took In Nongkai to the immigration. It's negotiable.



The filipina who I met the bus


The first place where you will see In Laos "Patu xai"

You can easily find the toilet near the place






There's no need to use Lao kip because Thai money is widely used In Laos




around the city


don't forget to try this delicious noodle








Vientiane capital library


Another night at the hostel.



Black Stupa (That Dam)


If you're in Laos, do not miss this place! "Pha That Luang " 








You will find these statues around the place.



The the last picture at Kong river

I've been to many places In Vientiane for example Night market , Bars and some interesting places but I coundn't find those pictures anymore because It was very long time. but anyway If you come here , don't forget to go to tell me a story because I wanna hear yours too.


Find more pictures of Laos and some information

Some tips and suggestions for traveling

icon.gif (941 bytes)  1. There are many motorbike rental places for around $10 a day. It’s the best way to explore the city and easy to get to other places. I did that and it was really fun.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  2. There’s a morning market in here located somewhere near the shopping mall. Ask you local people and don’t be afraid that they are going to bite you. They are extremely nice and willing to help you.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  3. The night market near the river is somehow exotic for tourtists to see people selling things they have never seen.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  4. Don’t forget to try local foods or soy milk. Each evening many young people gather to drink soymilk somewhere near the night market. Many flavored soy milk drinks are available at the shop. Grap one and taste it!

icon.gif (941 bytes)  5. If you like walking like me, Try to study a lot of the map and get to the place where you want to go on foot.






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