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Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations for many asians and It’s the best shopping site with shopping malls,markets and the place to buy clothes, cosmetics and e-products. Hong Kong is in the top list among Asian cities for being a Fashion Capital and it’s very cheap If you are coming from Asian Countries.

Many people have been to this place for various purposes such as shopping or to see a gorgeous view of the city skyline at night. Best month to visit Hong Kong for me is between Feb-March but due to I found the cheapest ticket in the middle of January. That’s why I had to be there before the best time as people suggested me. Some people may say that the best time are October through December because they can see a clear sky and sunny.

I went there with my mom for this trip and I felt not really comfortable enough to get around. However, I had a lot of fun with my mom there due to she liked to walk a lot and I liked it too. Normally, when you go travel with seniors. You don’t want to make them feel limited. But in my case, I felt limited traveling with my mom because she already had idea where to go hahaha. We rarely see each other or go travel together. That’s why we’ve decided to travel together to Hong Kong because It’s not far from Thailand.

Many Thai people like to go to Hong Kong for shopping and especially when it’s time for the big sales and the grand celebration events for the whole Island. They will fly across the country to this place. Personally, I have heard a lot of this place since long time ago about Movies, Actors, Clothes and etc. and It has become an Inspiration to visit here.


Due to we had limited time to spend together, So we tried to utilize our time effectively for these 3 days in Hong Kong.


Map and Location


Let me tell you a brief history of hong kong. This place had been under British rule in the past and after Britain handed over to China. It has become a special Administrative Region that located in Guangdong province and as one of the world’s biggest financial centre.

Hong Kong has its own constitution that spells out its own laws, separate immigration policies, and financial system while is technically a part of China. Hong Kong people don't consider themselves to be Chinese due to the bad reputation of mainland chinese tourists, and they don’t want people to look at the whole picture that they are Chinese. Controversy over behavior of mainland Chinese tourists in Hong Kong reveals more than simply a clash of cultures.



My mom acted like she was a model. She never looks old even though she is already 54 yrs old.


Ok enough with the history, Now let's move on with this trip..

I started my trip from the Airport by taking a bus No. A21 instead of the Airport Express which is faster and more comfortable. But anyway, Taking a bus we can get a stunning view of Hong Kong. That’s why I decided to take this.

Bus No. A21 has free wifi and the screen that will show the place where It will stop. It also has space to leave your luggage which is very convenient for traveling.

It depends on routes when you will go, You may have to check carefully your destination and the place where the bus will drop you.

Finally, we arrived at hotel and we were so tired. So we took a rest for a few hours before going to "The Peak" In the evening.


Tall buildings are everywhere, If you prefer to have sea view or the victoria harbour . You can book a hotel where it's close to that places but it may be costly or not really close to famous districts where you can easily go shopping or wandering.

After taking a rest , we woke up and went down to find a good restaurant. We've been walked around for a 20 minutes but have not found our favorite yet. So we decided to pick one and went directly inside.

We were not sure what we have eaten but It was not tasty to us due to we loved spicy food but most of food in Hong Kong tasted like they didn't put anything In that.

After our lunch, we took a walk around Tsim Sha Tsui for an hour then MTR to Hong Kong Island.


MTR In Hong Kong is always crowded and too many people. Anyway, always look around, and if in a crowded area like a packed bus, hold your bag or purse in front of you tightly.


We arrived at Central Station, from here you can see a small park and If you walk a bit further. You will see Exchange Square.



Pretending like I'm a hong kong model hahaha

There are many options for you to chooose. You can take The Peak Tram and climb up to Sky Terrace but before taking this. You may have to cope with long queues. The Peak Tram normally takes around 8 minutes or If you prefer to take Bus, You can take Bus No.15

So we took an our to get the Tram to Skyterrace.


The Peak Tram began operation in 1888, that’s over 100 years of history. Luxury houses are seen on Victoria Peak owned by many wealthy people and celebrities.

We arrived at Sky Terrace 428 to book ourselves a place for pictures at night and these are what we've got after a few hours.


It was damn cold for us to stay after a few hours. So we have decided to go down quickly to warm ourselves from the cold.

Below picture : My mom is checking her photos

It was still crowded at night on the street in Tsim Sha Tsui area. If you want to do some night shopping, you can go to Ladies market in Mongkok District.


The following day we planned to go to take pictures at Victoria harbour. My mom was so prepared as you can see in the picture.

We weren't in a hurry , so we walked to many small streets and check many things in this area. Tsim Sha Tsui is always crowded with foreign tourists and local people. There are many things to buy for example clothes, cosmetics and electrical appliances.This place is located near Victoria Harbour in Kowloon Peninsula.


Finally, we arrived at the beautiful harbour


There are many things to do here, You can visit Avenue of Star where there is a statue of Brue Lee and there are over 100 plaques (hand imprint) of celebrities on the streets.


I was trying to find a quiet place for pictures and I finally found one here.


We walked a lot this day to many places. Unfortunately, my battery was out and couldn't take more photos while we were wandering markets.

We went back to the hotel and took a rest again to be ready at night for the symphony of lights at the same place.

The day after, we had breakfast at the hotel and headed in the morning to one of the most famous places in Hong Kong which is called " Wong Tai Sin Temple.

My mom is buddhist and she liked to come to this place.

It's just a few minutes walk from Wong Tai Sin station to this temple.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a popular Taoist temple. It is believed that when you ask for something in a form of prayer or wish , it will certainly come true. This Temple is also well known for its fortune stick prediction.



Hahaha I never missed this time for my model photos.


After wandering around this temple, We headed to Tung Chung Station to make a little shopping at Citygate Outlets before leaving Hong Kong. There are almost 75 shops and 14 restaurants here.



Citygate Outlets is located close to the Airport just only 10 minutes by bus, You can easily take a bus No. S1 to the Airport.




I have spent 3 days with my mom traveling in Hong Kong and We had a lot of fun even though I felt a bit limited hahaha

Anyway, we missed a few places such as Ngong Ping 360 and some areas due to we didn't plan anything. We only bought tickets and reserved a room. This was all our plan and that's why It came out this way. lol

For those who would like to come with seniors , I think here is a convenient place for them and It 's very easy to get around everywhere even though you may experiece crowded situation In the train 555

Finally, I hope you guys enjoy traveling with me this trip and we will see each other again very soon for my next trip. Don't forget to subscribe me on Youtube to make sure you get the latest videos.



Hong Kong Trip with Mom

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Travel suggestions

icon.gif (941 bytes)  1. The best time to visit Hong Kong is between Feb-March If you want to feel a little bit cold.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  2. If you want to avoid the queues,I suggest you to book everything in advance.You may save more money then traveling with no plan

icon.gif (941 bytes)  3. If you don't like Hong Kong cuisine, There are many options for you to choose. Minimart can be found many places in Hong Kong.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  4. If you want to get the best view or close to tourist attractions, You must stay in Kowloon side.





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