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This trip I visited Angkor wat in Siem Reap just only 3 days due to I didn't have enough time. I and my friend have decided to take a bus from Bangkok(Mochit Bus Terminal) directly to Siem Reap. We paid our tickets only 750 baht each, it included lunch box and bottle of water(I suggest you to buy your own food since it was really suck). The bus ticket was cheaper than Airfare but took loger time than expected. The bus to Siem Reap leaves daily at 9 A.M. in the morning. If you come here during high season, You may have to book in advance because sometimes it can be very crowded especially on December. Be very careful if you want to buy a ticket from local agencies like in Kaosarn road because they may drop you somewhere and ask you to pay more especially at the border.

This trip was just a quick tirp because i went there with a friend just to get away from Bangkok and to see how wonderful Angkor wat is. Once I saw it , it was definitely amazing and bigger than i thought !!!

Not only Angkor temples that you can enjoy in Siem Reap, but you can have fun with your friends in Pub Street area where many of the most popular bars and clubs are clustered. Anyway, It looks a bit like Khaosarn road in Bangkok where you can find live music but the only different thing is that some bars stay open until 6 a.m. with no police.



A brief information about this place, The temple was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century with Hindu influence from India, later taken over by the Buddhists. It is surrounded by a wide moat that is 190 meters wide, and the total dimension is 1.3 by 1.5 kilometers.

If you think that renting a bicycle is a good idea to enjoy the landscape around Angkor Wat, I personally think it's a bad idea if you're not used to cycling . Because you can die from the heat and the distance on the way to the temples hahaha. Angkor wat area is fucking damn big. I saw some white tourists with tired looking, sweaty, red-faced and i felt so pity looking at them cycling hahaha.


If you book it online and pay at 7-11 , you can present your receipt and change it to ticket at Mochit Bus terminal or if you don't wanna book it online. You can just pay it here only 750 baht.


Don't forget to stock up on some food , 7-11 shop at Bus Terminal is damn expensive. You may buy it from your hotel first.

Before you get to the border, the bus will stop and ask you to assist in visa process in case you don't have it. Well, i don't know exactly about this since i don't need visa to Cambodia but i think you should prepare for e-visa before coming here to avoid scammer.


Normally, taking a bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap will take only 7-8 hours but due to a fucking long queue at Cambodian Immigration. It took us almost 10 hours to arrive Siem Reap. For those who have never been here before, you will see a lot of tuk tuk drivers once your bus arrives there. They will offer you free pick up to your hotel but don't go for that trick. You can find local tuk tuk drivers if you walk a bit further and it costs only 1 USD to anywhere in Siem Reap City.

Siem Reap is not that big. If you book hotel somewhere near Pub Street or Night Barzar, There is no need to pay for drivers if you like to walk.

Due to I and my friend didn't book in advance because we realized that many hotels in Siem Reap don't look the same as it shown on website. So we decided walking around the city to find a hotel but unfortunately the one that we'd love to stay was damn far and fully booked. So we changed our mind to stay in hostel instead.

The name of this hostel is "Hi Siem Reap" One bad thing about this guest house is that tap water tastes damn weird. I'm not sure whether it's the same as in other hotels/hostels or not but many people said it's the same. I had to buy a bottle of water to brush my teeth in the morning because I couldn't really stand with this shitty taste hahaha.

We were so huggry and lazy to find a restaurant when we arrived. So we ordered some food in the guest house. oh yeah !There are a lot of trip packages and services here to buy.

For the room rate, I can't remember the price but rate per night here is cheap. All room types included breakfast (I thought it was like a real breakfast but it was just a piece of bread and cup of coffee hahaha)

We asked a receptionist about the price for a tuk tuk driver and it was just 13 USD for the whole day trip. The tuk tuk driver will drive us around Angkor wat and stop wherever we want. So it was a reasonable price.

On the way to Angkor Wat area



The tuk tuk driver dropped us at the entrance to buy a ticket. It is not cheap to visit the Angkor temple, tickets are sold in one-day ($20), three-day ($40) and seven-day ($60) it must be used on consecutive days.

Try to should a suitable one for you. If you really want to come here to explore Angkor wat area. At least i think 3 days pass would be enough. But if you just want to see only a few temples. 1 day pass maybe the most suitable one for you.

The temple area is really big and there are so many temples to visit but I only bought 1 day pass because I didn't want to spend much time in the temples hahahaa. Well, i'm a city guy and I normally don't fall for this kind of thing.


Finally, the tuk tuk driver dropped us in front of one temple. There are a lot of tuk tuk drivers in a parking who are waiting for their customers while wandering the temple.

One surprising thing here is that many cambodians who I have met can speak Thai and I think it maybe widely use here too since you can pay everything in Thai baht (seems logical enough?) hahaha

from the picture It seems really close but not as what you think. It's very far by walk.

Bring a bottle of water and sunscreen along if you don't wanna get burned hahaha or maybe unbrella as well.




It was damn hot here and I always thought I was in desert while exploring this temple.



After a long walk, Finally we arrived here.


Like I told you, I came here just to see. So I really have no idea what is the name of this temple hahaha.



On the top of one temple

We lost all our energies exploring only this temple. I like to walk normally but this is too big for me to walk around. You can see from the red arrow, Imagine how far I walked from the entrance to here.

There is no toilet room in this temple. Imagine if you want to poo so hard but have to walk like miles to the entrance. I can guarantee that you'd probably shit your pants. hahaha

Actually, there is one toilet room in this area. It's inside this temple somewhere near local restaraunts. You can ask people there if you are not sure.

Due to this temple is huge , you may see a lot of bad paintings on many walls inside the temple. It's a shame for them ruining this temple by paiting their names and stupid things. If they were in the past, im sure that their heads would be cut off. I don't like seeing this in historical places but I have to confess that I used to do it too when I was in other countries but not in a famous historical place like this hahaha.


Now let's move to another temple, I was so tired already and I didn't go inside to explore here.



Another temple nearby


I have ended this trip so fast hahaha. Actually there is more about the nightlife here.

To party in Siem Reap, I'd suggest you to carry Dollar instead of Thai baht due to the thai rate is damn bad here.

In Thailand , 30 Baht = 1 USD but it's different in here.

You can see a lot of products imported from Thailand in Siem Reap as in this mini mart.

If you love to party , Pubstreet is your choice. There are two famous clubs here. The first one is called "Angkor What" and the secound one is called "Temple Club" These two stay open until 5-6 in the morning.


Get ready before party!


A few cambodian girls who I met here.

The next day we took a van from the hostel back to Bangkok. It costs around 10-15 USD which was cheaper than the first day. You may have to book one day earlier If you don't want to miss it but If you don't want this service at the hostel. You may find it in many places in Siem Reap.

If you stay longer here like one week and don't really have no idea what to do after. There are many things to do here for example go to Tonlé Sap lake to see their way of life, pubs and bars , International restaruants, swimming pool and there are more to do. But if you should not to do anything, you can just sleep at your room.

This is all about this trip hahahaha too fast right?

Angkor Wat

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Travel suggestions

icon.gif (941 bytes)  1. No need to book a bus ticket online If you are not going there during high season

icon.gif (941 bytes)  2. Try to use USD instead of Thai baht there. You get better rate using USD instead of THB

icon.gif (941 bytes)  3. There's nothing free , If some people try to offer you something for free. Keep it mind that everything is money.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  4. If you have more time here in Siem Reap, You can go to Tonle Sap Lake or for sunset in Angkor temples.




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