Bali 5 days on a motorcycle:

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Many of my friends have been to Bali in Indonesia and I've heard a lot of this
place since long time. As they always have cheap ticket promotion for many
Airlines and usually competing each other all the time,
So it was a good chance for me to book one and fly away to see what they
have there. I 've been collected this travel information for a week to prepare
my trip and after seeking some information from my friends, They had
such a comfortable trip and It wasn't a memorable trip to me at all.
I then tried to seek some information on the Internet again and found
the greatest way to make it even better. The problem is that how can
I make this trip even more memorable. So I finally picked this plan by
taking a motorcycle to drive around the Island and showed it to my friends.
When they saw this plan they all told me the same that it's dangerous
to make a small road trip all across Bali and It takes long time to arrive
all my destinations. Well, I was born to be a fucking adventurer and
I didn't care what they have told me (and what's the fucking reason
seeking information from friends? lol)

Eventually I decided that whatever will be , I have to believe in my plan and
stick on it just like a chupa chup, it never falls on its stick once you put it in
mouth LOL


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I took a week to study where I will drive to and distance from one place to
another. Anyway, all the time in the past my plans have been always changed
during my trip. I would say that I always messed it up due to the lack of
proper planning in the past. So this time It will be my first time(maybe not?)
that I have brought a book and took a lot of information to use for my trip.
(Actually I almost never used it, just only for selfie on FB) LOL

Ok let's check it out here...............


The first thing that I did was find a motorcycle rental and I found this site
on the internet.

The price per day will be 50,000 IDR which is extremely cheap for me
(exclude insurance)

You can put the information on this website and then it will automatically
send the price in total to your email.

I first thought that I have to pay something in order to book this but after
I've talked with the owner in the email. he told me that I don't need to pay
anything and I can pick up my motorcycle at the Airport on my arrival
date pIus I can pay once I get there. So I was not sure whether there will be
someone who comes to pick me up or sends me a motorcycle at the Airport
or not

Anyway, I trusted him and I believed that there will be someone at the
airport for me.

Below is my itinerary when I was in Bali,

Day 1 Drive from Kuta to Kintamani then stay overnight at Kintamani Lake View Hotel.
Day 2 Go to Pura ulundanu batur and drive long way to Pura Ulun Danu Bratan then
turn back to Kuta city
Day 3 Drive to Tanah Lot and wander the city then go for party at night.
Day 4 Move to the beach Hotel in Kuta, sunbathe in the day time and then go for
party at night.
Day 5 Return my motorcycle, buy some presents and prepare for the flight
in the evening

Are you ready???

Once I arrived in Bali, The first thing was to find a simcard with internet
package for GPS. It was a primary thing for me because I had to go by
myself on a motorbike. Once I got the simcard , I immediately called to
the motorcycle rental to ask where are they and they told me that they
were at the airport. I was trying to find them for an hour and finally I found
that I was in a different place. This took me a few hours tilll I found my

Oh! I forgot to tell you that when I first bought a simcard from one company.
I told them that if It doesn't work on my phone I will not pay for It.
And yep It didn't work on my phone and the sellers have promised me not to
pay. Then I changed to another company and It worked very well
(fast and cheap)

Let's continue with this, I checked my motorcycle to see whether It has some
scratches or not. I also took pictures of my motorcycle, every angle of it in
case I miss check and they claim me later (Am I crazy? lol)





It was alreay 2 p.m. and It was very late for me to drive from Kuta to
Kintamani. I have planed that I have to be there before the sunset because
after that I will not be able to find the hotel.

So once I got a motorcycle, I drove it immediately to my destination.
Due to there was a terrible traffic jam in the city. It took me an hour to
get out of Kuta city.

After 2 hours of driving, I was like "fuck where is the hotel???"


and finally i arrived here at 6 p.m. It took me 4 hours by motorcycle lol

(As you can see in the picture, there is only one motorcycle here)

After a long trip driving from Kuta to Kintamani, I immediately headed for
shower and went up to the restaurant in the hotel just to drink a glass of
white wine and and enjoy the wonderful view before it gets dark.

This was an amazing view and I took a lot of photos here. There was no
nightlife here in Kintamani If you are looking for it. Unless you come with
your friends and brought a lot of liquors to enjoy this incredible view at night.

I have ever asked my friends about this Kintamani Lake because I wanted to go for swim hahaha but once they told me about dead bodies and corpes that laid down on ground under a Taru menyan and some were floating on the water then i decided not to go down there hahaha

Here is an example : credit

There are a lot of activities for those who like Hiking, Trekking or Mabye
Swiming hahaha but since It was too expensive for me and I was a
very budget traveler. I decided to stick on my plan to another place.
But If you have more time to spend here, I suggest you to go for trekking.

below pic: Day time in Kintamani lake, an incredible view from my hotel.

You may see a lot of people from the tour group in the day time who come
over here and have they breakfast or lunch.

I spent my wonderful morning here for a few hours and went directly to
Pura Ulun Danu Batur. I didn't know much about this temple but it's very
close to my hotel just 10 minutes drive. It's a well known temple
in Kintamani that you must visit.

The full name of this temple is "Pura Ulun Danu Batur" , or you can call its
nickname "Pura Batur"


In front of the temple pura batur


Now inside


And here's the most handsome Balinese guy I have met. (hahahahaa it's me )


After a half an hour here, I then headed immediately to another temple "Pura Ulun Danu Bratan" its nickname "Pura Bratan"

Below picture are what I have passed during my road trip to Pura Bratan


I have arrived in the North of Bali Island which took me for 2 hours from Kintamani.
I had an accident on the way due to I was too tired and I couldn't control my hands that
why I drove to bush and got a lot of scratches In my legs.You must be very careful here
because according to the statistics ,there are about 150 motorcycle accident victims 
per day in Bali. So I was one of them already.


On my way to Pura Ulun Danu Bratan , There was a heavy rain and
I had to stop my motorcycle for awhile. For your information,
If you are coming from the North and drive up to the mountain.
you have to prepare something to cover your head or maybe your bags
because It's always rainy and cold up there just like some places in
South America. When I passed this place I found that there was no rain at all.

My Motorcycle and bags.

This picture below looks scary (again just like in Silent Hill movie) lol



Finally after driving for 3 hours(let say 4 hours because I stopped
my motorcycle on the way too) I found my temple "Pura Ulun Danu Bratan"
and It was so amazing. Everytime when you think of Bali, This temple will
come up in your mind first..........

and here is where Pura Ulun Danu Bratan located

Pura Bratan is quite important because it's actually used on the 50,000 Rupiah note.

The temple was built in 1663 and is used for ceremonies and worship
for the Godness Dewi Danu(the water goddess of the Balinese Hindus)

I took an hour for this place and headed back to kuta city before sunset.
Unfortunately, It took me longer than I expected so I arrived at the hotel
around 7.50 p.m.

Below Pic : my room at the hotel.

I asked them for a room with king bed size and with balcony near
the swiming pool but they gave me this one instead lol it looks the same though.

Above picture : All my scratches were dry , I tried to clean it again with
water and it looks like what you see now.

Below picture : The hotel in the morning

My next plan is to go to Tanah Lot. Normally ,It takes only a half and hour but
due to I drove in different way. It took me longer than I expected.

Entrance fee

Door to Tanah lot

And here is Tanah lot , The meaning of Tanah lot is "Land [sic: in the] Sea"

There was nothing much to do besides shopping in this area.
All souvenir Shops are just every where. That's why I got bored and stayed
here just for an hour(maybe less than an hour)

I went back home to rest and woke up again at night. After I got off my bed,
I immediately went for tequila and vodka to get myself drunk. hahaha
but since my place is not located near pubs and bars.
I had to drink just a little because after 12.00 hour
there will be no taxi service. So I went out for a few hours
and drove back home to rest and prepare to get
a fucking real party tomorrow.

The next day i checked out at the hotel and went for another hotel near
kuta beach. This place is located in good area where I can walk to
many night clubs and bars.

Swimming pool on the roof top

I spent the whole day for sunbathe and enjoyed a lot of vodka and tequila
on the beach

In Kuta beach, I found a lot of aussie people here who come for surfing.

If you are a solo traveler, you can just lie down on the beach or maybe rent
a chair for sunbathe.

Below picture : I finished my bottle of liquors and bought a bottle of beer
with a free seat in kuta beach.

Below picture is another wonderful view from my hotel.

I had dinner at the hotel first to prepare myself for party tonight.

I had dinner at the hotel first to prepare myself for party tonight.

I was so drunk and walked back to the hotel in the early morning.
There were no people anymore.
(maybe because they went to another place for dance hahaha)

I had a lot of fun for my 5 days on a motorcycle in Bali.
Mostly, I spent for my bed and nightlife hahahaa
(I should have written articles about nightlife in stead of these travels)

For those who have plenty of time spending here in Bali, I suggest you
to go to Ubud to see rice terrace and enjoy your truly nature there in Ubud.

For those who want to do same , Please be very careful when driving.
Because streets here are very small and not even.
Remember that Safety is a huge priority.

I have accidentally deleted my vidoes on my second day and that's why
I didn't have a complete video for you to watch.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy reading this and hopefully
I can show you many wonderful places in the near future. Bye bye




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Safety tips.

icon.gif (941 bytes)  1. They don't always check your driving licence here so please
make sure yourself you know how to drive.
icon.gif (941 bytes)  2. There are no taxi service after midnight.
If you love to party, i suggest you to stay somewhere near pubs and bars
icon.gif (941 bytes)  3. If you are so afraid with food allergy, you don't need to try local food.
There are some fast food restaraunts that you may see in your country too.
icon.gif (941 bytes)  4. Check your belonging and step carefully before leaving the place.

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