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A guy who sometimes loves traveling, and sometimes prefer lying on couch browsing internet at home.

The begining of everything

My name is Octo , I don't know where to begin when talking about myself. I'm just a guy who has purpose in life and proactively works towards it. I always talk to my friends when I was a kid about my dream traveling around the world, and my friends thought I was just a dreamer. I think they were right, because I haven't been to every country yet hahaha.

Even though I was born in Bangkok but I always feel foreign in my own home country. I feel like this place is not for me and I always hate to live in Bangkok. And that is also the reason why I started to explore the world and find the place where I can fully call "Home"

I started my first trip in Laos due to my limited budget, I was a bit scared at first traveling alone, then I felt like it was not really difficult at all. After a few trips ,I began to tell my friends by writting the stories in my blog to let them know that everybody can travel just like me and now I feel like people love to read my stories and It's not just for friends anymore It's for anyone who has the same passion as me, this might be the reason why I run a travel blog.

Money isn't everything

Believe it or not, but I don't think money is the main factor in order to travel. Yes, It is necessary but you don't need to make a lot of money to go places. It's all about your desire and how much you want to travel. I remember the money that I made at my first job as a part-time in a restaurant when I was a student, I got so little money and I wanted to travel outside the country. So I did research on the internet and found a very few information about traveling, that time the internet was still not so popular as nowadays, So I decided just to step out the door with so little money and took a bus to Laos with no plan.

"The best thing in life is to know yourself and follow what your heart tells you to do."
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